The Future of Hiring 2022

The 2022 Future of Hiring Report

How to talent shortage created a new set of hiring best practices that will become table stakes in years to come.

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The post-pandemic economy created a talent shortage unlike anything we’ve ever seen in recent decades. Businesses in some of the hardest hit industries like hospitality and retail struggled to find talent and operate their businesses. Many had to reduce hours, change the way they serve customers, or close altogether.

But there are businesses that thrived. And these businesses are the ones that found new ways of recruiting and hiring talent.

Hireology surveyed more than 500 businesses across healthcare, automotive, retail, hospitality, and more to dig into exactly what leading businesses have done to change their processes for the better. Here’s what we found.

As much as we’d like to go back to “normal,” we’re looking at a new Applicant Economy, and organizations have to rethink how to appeal to job seekers who have different desires and demands than ever before.

We surveyed nearly 5,000 applicants about their experience with looking for work during a pandemic.

Read our 2022 Future of Hiring Study to see what your business can do to build your best team.

Key takeaways

- 84% of businesses have had a candidate “ghost” an interview in the past six months
- More than 1 in 4 businesses say they’ve lost a great candidate because they weren’t able to move fast enough
- 80% of businesses have an employee referral program in place
- 46% of businesses have offered more flexibility in order to attract more talent

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