How Staffmark Group Partnered With EmployUs to Boost its Referral Pipeline


How Staffmark Group Partnered With EmployUs to Boost its Referral Pipeline

The challenge

Staffmark Group, which includes Advantage Resourcing, Advantage xPO, Digital People, Hunter Hamilton, Pro Staff and Staffmark, has always made referrals a priority. However, with offices across 32 states and varying levels of bandwidth to support a well-defined referral program, the program was not thriving across the board. Office staff were often left to play detective with referral contact information and origin, which made global tracking impossible and timely payouts difficult.

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THE EmployUs approach

Staffmark Group partnered with EmployUs because they saw the opportunity to improve their referral efforts. With the help of EmployUs, Staffmark Group revamped their program in order to take the burden of managing referrals off of the plate of the field team members.

The EmployUs team worked closely with Staffmark Group to suggest different strategies to get the word out to existing team members and increase participation.  Some example campaigns included:

  • Welcome campaigns inviting all new hires to participate
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Campaigns segmented by participation rate (e.g., different messages to top users vs. non-users)
  • Location-specific campaigns across offices in 32 different states

Combined, these email and SMS campaigns made it easy for staff and prior placements to remain up-to-date about the program and refer their networks — ultimately boosting referral applicants.


“Prior to working with EmployUs, we hoped to get referrals, now we are able to count on referrals as a lucrative source of qualified applicants. ”

– Kris Stipp,
VP of Operations
Staffmark Group

Results delivered

Referrals are at the center of Staffmark Group’s applicant strategy. Tactics are routinely discussed during meetings and field managers are now trained on how to review their EmployUs referral pipeline to ensure timely follow up.

Since partnering with EmployUs in November of 2020, 36% of all placements and hires are from their referral network. Staffmark Group also recently passed the 1,000 referral hire milestone.

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