30-60-90 Day Plan Template

Set your new hires up for success

New hire onboarding isn't merely a formality — it's a strategic process that can greatly impact your new hire’s productivity, your team's performance, and ultimately the organization's success. A well-crafted 30-60-90 day plan can help you get off on the right foot, guiding your new team members through their initial months and ensuring a seamless transition into their roles.

Download our 30-60-90 day plan template today to get the framework for crafting the best possible onboarding plan for your next new hire.

What’s included in the 30-60-90
day plan

Your new hire plan should lay out exactly what’s expected of your new hire each month for the first 90 days. This template will help you organize your expectations in the following categories:

  • Performance goals and objectives
  • Skills and knowledge development
  • Processes and methods

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