Turn Your Employees Into Your Best Recruiters: A Hireology Quick Hit Series

About the Event

Did you know that one out of every eight new hires is an employee referral? That’s because candidates referred by your existing employees tend to be a better fit for your company culture than non-referrals. They perform better once hired and stick around longer too.

This quick-hit series is focused on helping you build out your referral program so you can turn your employees into your best recruiters. Check out a quick synopsis of each session below:


Employee Referral Program Policy Essentials
Thursday, October 21 | 2 pm CST

Building an employee referral program from scratch? Attend this webinar to learn how to create a policy for your program that maximizes engagement and results. Learn how to define bonus payouts, employee eligibility, and more.



How to Boost Participation in Your Employee Referral Program

Thursday, November 4 | 2 pm CST

Employee referral programs can be an incredibly effective way to connect with more candidates and drive hires — as long as your existing employees participate. In this webinar, you’ll learn new tactics for driving engagement and ultimately maximizing the ROI of your program.



Creative Ways to Communicate Your Employee Referral Program Internally

Thursday, November 18| 2 pm CST

If you’re struggling to drive candidates and hires from your employee referral program, you might not be communicating it effectively internally. Simply put, if your employees don’t know about the program or your open roles, they won’t participate. Join this webinar to learn creative ways for spreading the word about your program internally.



Examples of Successful Employee Referral Programs

Thursday, December 2 | 2 pm CST

There is no one size fits all definition of a great employee referral program. Every organization is different and requires a different approach to referrals in order to maximize results. Get an insider look at what several leading organizations are doing to drive more applicants and ultimately hires from their referral programs.



Employee Referral Program Metrics to Track

Thursday, December 16| 2 pm CST

As with any organization-wide effort, your employee referral program needs to be monitored and adjusted over time in order to maximize results. But what metrics should you look at to define success? What are some benchmarks you should aim for? In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into all things employee referral program metrics.


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