Identifying and Addressing Caregiver Churn in Home Care: A Roundtable Discussion sponsored by Alayacare

Caregiver churn is a significant pain point for providers in 2021. While caregiver shortage and the business impact of COVID-19 were the most often cited pain points, our recent survey shows caregiver churn was the third leading issue for providers this year. With churn being a major disruptor for in-home care businesses, more companies and managers are compelled to up their game when it comes to employee retention strategies. Leading organizations are focused on leveraging data to identify and better understand how to address the needs of employees, helping them increase retention and avoid high costs of turnover.

Join us on Wednesday, May 19th at 11:00am CST for a roundtable discussion on employee churn and retention where our industry experts from AlayaCare, Hireology and CareAcademy will discuss key findings from the 2021 Home Care Employee Retention Survey, share insights on how to address churn, and discuss tips for leveraging data to increase employee retention.

Speakers Include:

Aaron Dun, SVP of Marketing, CareAcademy

Brett Kirhofer, Associate Director of Sales, Hireology

Naomi Goldapple, Head of AlayaLabs, AlayaCare

Bob Holly, Editor/Moderator, Home Health Care News


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