Hireology Quick Hit Webinar Series

A first-hand look at the needs and expectations of the modern job seeker

Job seekers’ expectations for both work and the job search have changed dramatically in the past 18 months. Workers have the upper hand and no longer have patience for employers that don’t meet their needs for flexibility, career growth, culture, and other benefits. On top of that, job seekers are also unwilling to give up extensive time and energy to even apply to your open roles. So what exactly will win over the modern job seeker today?

Each 15 minute webinar in this seven-part series will focus on a different takeaway from a recent Hireology survey of more than 6,000 job seekers — from the channels they prefer to use when searching for a job to their expectations for the role itself. At the end of every session we’ll offer actionable steps you can take now to meet the needs of today’s job seekers to ultimately attract the best and fill your open roles fast.

Learn how to attract the right people and hire the best — fast

Below is a closer look at the topics we’ll cover in each session in the series. Whether you join us for all seven sessions or just one, we’re confident you’ll walk away with tactics you can implement into your recruiting and hiring process now that will help you win for the remainder of 2022 and beyond.

Be sure to register even if you can’t attend them all — that way you can get exclusive access to the content and recordings!


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