Reimagining the Workforce: A Quick Hit Webinar Series

About the Event

As the economy recovers from the pandemic, we sit at the start line of a powerful economic resurgence that’s predicted to be the strongest we’ve seen in decades. To help you and your organization prepare for what’s ahead, we are hosting a five-part, quick-hit webinar series all around reimagining the workforce and the new applicant economy.

Check out a quick synopsis of each virtual event below, then register to listen to hiring experts on how to best prepare your business for what’s to come.


What to Expect in the New Applicant Economy
Wednesday, May 5th | 2pm CST

As the economy recovers from the 2020 crisis, we are fast approaching what will potentially be the lowest unemployment rate in history. This means we are returning to the applicant economy we experienced prior to the pandemic and the days of competing for top talent are back.

But things are slightly different this time around — the pandemic completely transformed the way we work and what people expect from their employers has evolved. In this session, Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology, will dig into changing applicant expectations and how you can stand out from the competition and attract the best of the best.



Building a Hybrid Staffing Model: A Hireology Case Study
Wednesday, May 12th | 2pm CST

As vaccinations become more widespread and our economic recovery continues, companies are formulating plans for staffing up and returning to a new normal. But due to evolving employee expectations and safety concerns, reverting to pre-pandemic norms overnight is not likely.

Many organizations are considering a hybrid staffing model in which a portion of the team continues to work remotely full-time while the rest return to the office in some capacity. Hireology has always operated this way, so we know what it takes to get it right. In this session, CEO Adam Robinson will share his experience running a hybrid organization and offer advice for those new to the approach to rethink workplace norms in a period of rapid recovery.



Recruitment Marketing Strategy for the New Applicant Economy
Wednesday, May 19th | 2pm CST

Competition for top talent continues to skyrocket. The economy is recovering and unemployment is quickly reaching pre-pandemic levels. As an employer, this means you have to work hard to attract qualified applicants. 

Businesses across industries are optimizing their strategies by approaching recruiting much like they do marketing — with a focus on deeply understanding applicant needs, creating an appealing employer brand, and using data to track the effectiveness of their efforts. In this webinar, Hireology’s Kristin Tschantz will offer advice for how you can apply marketing best practices to your recruitment strategies and attract the best of the best.



Hireology’s Customer Success Model: Support Tailored to Your Unique Hiring Needs
Wednesday, May 26th | 2pm CST

Recruiting and hiring software tools are everywhere. While many offer a similar suite of features and functionality, there is one thing that most do not provide: a truly exceptional customer service tailored to your specific business needs. At Hireology, our customer success model is centered around personalized, one-on-one support designed to help you get the most of our product and enhance your processes.

Additionally, our customer success team is composed of industry experts who understand your unique hiring needs and challenges. In this webinar, we will offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the Hireology customer success team stands out from the rest. 



Consolidating Pre-Hire Tools to Hire Faster
Wednesday, June 2nd | 2pm CST

 In an applicant economy, the speed in which you can attract and hire talent is critical. Our own Hireology research shows that quality applicants won’t wait around for you to respond or move them through interviews, skills tests, and other steps. They will choose the employers that offer timely responses and an efficient hiring process.

In this webinar, Hireology’s Alan Dodaro will explain why your disparate systems are slowing you down and how consolidating your pre-hire tools can help you get top talent onboard faster by leveraging an all-in-one recruitment, hiring, and digital onboarding solution.


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