Event Recap: The Future of Hiring Quick Hit Series

As the economy recovers from the pandemic, we sit at the start line of a powerful economic resurgence that’s predicted to be the strongest we’ve seen in decades. To help you and your organization prepare for what’s ahead, we hosted a five-part, quick-hit webinar series all around the future of hiring.
Check out a quick synopsis of each virtual event below, and watch the quick video from each.

Unpacking the Hiring Crisis

Businesses across all industries are facing a hiring crisis. Consumers are looking to spend their savings and stimulus and you are looking to hire fast in order to keep up with this demand. The problem? There are just not enough applicants available to fill your open roles, making it feel impossible to staff up at the rate you’d like to. Some believe extended unemployment benefits are the culprit while others blame factors like low wages, lack of childcare, lingering health concerns, and more.
This short webinar will give an overview of this crisis, outlining several key factors contributing to the talent shortage while explaining exactly what you need to do in order to stand out in the eyes of today’s job seekers and win.

Onboarding in the Age of Hybrid Work

Hybrid workplaces are here to stay. Even as life slowly returns to normal and offices open back up, employees still expect a certain degree of flexibility. And businesses will be smart to offer it — studies show that many workers will not work for companies that do not offer some remote work options. Plus, embracing remote work eliminates location constraints when it comes to finding talent.
But the key to reaping these benefits and keeping your hybrid workforce happy, engaged, and productive long-term is making sure they’re set up for success from day one. As we embrace a new hybrid workplace norm, this webinar will offer best practices for remote onboarding that drive long-term retention.

Drive More Applicants with a Diversified Channel Strategy

If you’re relying on one or two channels to source applicants for your open roles, you’re missing out on a large population of job seekers — people who are ready and eager to work. And as we continue to navigate an unprecedented hiring crisis, a failure to get your open roles in front of as many job seekers as possible will only set you behind your competitors.
But which channels does your target talent pool use the most? And how do you know which are best for your unique organization? This webinar will dive into the different sources you can add to your mix today and explain how you can use data to optimize your investment on each channel and maximize the number of applicants and eventual hires you drive from them.

Turn Your Employees into Recruiting Rockstars

Candidates referred by your existing employees tend to stick around longer and perform better than those sourced through other channels. Why? Because good people know good people. Your current top performers have a network of friends, former coworkers, and acquaintances that are just like them — all you need to do is find a way to tap into it.
In this webinar, we’ll outline the benefits of a great employee referral program and explain why now is the time to get one up and running. We’ll then provide the building blocks required to create one that motivates your existing employees to participate and ultimately drives a large volume of quality candidates and hires.

Embracing Mobile to Hire Faster

Speed is the name of the game in the hiring space right now. There just aren’t enough job seekers available to fill the number of open roles on the market today, so you have to move fast in order to get in front of those who are qualified and eager to work. But if you’re relying on slow processes and outdated tools, chances are you’re moving too slow and you’re missing out on top talent to your competitors. Thankfully there’s a solution: mobile.
This webinar will dig deeper into candidate expectations for speed and why using mobile to complete time-sensitive tasks like reviewing applicants and scheduling interviews can cut days or even weeks out of your process — so you can get top talent on board faster.


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