Event Recap: How to Leverage Your Existing Employees To Build and Maintain Your Best Team

Did you get a chance to attend our EmployUs + Hireology webinar where we discussed how we can help you use your existing employees as recruiters to build your best team?
If you weren’t able to make it or you’d like to see a replay of the recording, you can do so below.

And here’s a quick summary of what we covered in the webinar:
Navigating the tough post-pandemic labor market hasn’t been easy. Businesses across all industries are struggling to not only attract top talent but also retain the employees they already have on board. At Hireology, we understand the frustrations that come with these challenges. That’s why we acquired employee referral software, EmployUs, earlier this year. We want to help you maximize your reach to quality applicants and hire top performers who are more likely to stick around long-term.
In this webinar, we offer guidance on how to build an employee referral program that is guaranteed to drive more applicants, curb turnover, and ultimately boost productivity at your organization. And we’ll dive deeper into how Hireology’s acquisition of EmployUs technology can help.
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