Event Recap: Employee Referral Program Policy Essentials

Did you get a chance to make it to our webinar on our latest quick-hit series session focused on helping you build out your employee referral program?
If not, we’ve got the recording below that you can watch and share with your HR team. You’ll also find the synopsis of the event below, and make sure to check out our upcoming quick-hit sessions, every Thursday at 2PM CT until December 16th. You can learn more about what will be included in each session, and register here.


Did you know that one out of every eight new hires is an employee referral? That’s because candidates referred by your existing employees tend to be a better fit for your company culture than non-referrals. They perform better once hired and stick around longer too.
This quick-hit series is focused on helping you build out your referral program so you can turn your employees into your best recruiters.
Our first session discusses how to go about building an employee referral program from scratch and create a policy for your program that maximizes engagement and results. Learn how to define bonus payouts, employee eligibility, and more.
Enjoyed this session? Make sure to attend the next one this coming Thursday at 2PM CT. Register here.


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