Elevate 2020 & The Importance of Going Digital

For new car dealerships, providing outstanding customer service has never been more difficult amidst social distancing practices, economic shutdowns and changing customer preferences. The virtual world that we’re currently living in doesn’t allow for the same face-to-face interaction that many of us have become accustomed to, especially in the automotive industry. 
But by shifting your team and operations to more digital channels, you can keep your staff and clients safe while maintaining a high level of customer service. One of the most important segments of your business that you should be considering taking virtual is your hiring process. 
The trajectory of your business depends greatly on the staff you employ. Whether you’re working on rebuilding your team or starting from scratch, Hireology can help you attract, hire, onboard, and retain your staff — and do so in a safe environment for your team and customers.
Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ll discuss at Elevate 2020 — our free, all-virtual retail automotive event — regarding why you should be taking your hiring initiatives digital, and how Hireology can help you do so. And if you’re not yet registered for Elevate, sign up now! 

Expand Your Applicant Pool

While it may have been easy in the past to rely on word of mouth communication or traditional sourcing channels for filling your open roles, it’s no longer conducive or the most effective way to attract talent. 
Hireology can help you reach a greater audience and drive more qualified candidates to apply for your open positions — an essential resource in the largely remote landscape. With a customized careers page designed to tell your company’s story built with SEO-friendly content, you’ll dramatically increase the quantity and quality of your applicants. 

Decrease Your HR Costs

Cost is a huge burden that many companies are grappling with as the pandemic surges on. With Hireology, you can manage the entirety of your hiring process from one single platform, so you’re able to supplement the hours upon hours of HR work that comes with creating your best team. 
Hireology can assist with payroll, compliance, scheduling, and onboarding — which means you’ve got an entire HR team all in one software instead of managing multiple disconnected systems. Every step of enlisting your team has been thought through, and we want to ensure that as you bounce back, you can spend your money on what’s absolutely necessary.

Keep In Touch

Communicating with your applicants and other hiring managers is streamlined with Hireology, greatly benefiting you and your prospective employees. 
Keeping applicants engaged is crucial, especially now. As the job market rebounds from the devastating hit brought on by COVID-19, companies are trying to secure the most qualified applicants in the larger-than-usual talent pool, which means you’ll likely be in competition to get the best candidates. 
To stay competitive and continually display your interest in the candidate, your best bet is to meet them where they are by making communication as easy as possible. Send your applicants quick text messages to make sure they know where they stand throughout the process and keep the flow of communication going. Doing so will keep them interested and move the process along much faster than traditional email communication.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Hiring the right candidate shouldn’t take months. Because of the pandemic, many applicants have been out of work for longer than they expected, so a drawn-out hiring process is the last thing they’re looking for. Speed up your hiring process significantly with our applicant tracking software, skills tests, reference checks, and insights into your entire process to analyze where improvements can be made. Not only do these tools keep the ball rolling with your candidates, they can also all be accessed in a remote environment from the same platform to keep you and the candidates safe.
While hiring typically takes an average of 36 days, that’s not a feasible benchmark during a pandemic. There’s a necessary urgency placed on both the company and employee, and Hireology is able to decrease that average by about 5 days — meaning you’ll have your team up and running about a week faster than your competitors.

Onboard With Ease

Hireology integrates with your other HR software, so you don’t have to manually re-enter data for your new hire during onboarding or to set up payroll. You’ll save yourself the headache of potential mistakes that could affect payment or compliance standards, and you’ll allow your new employee to focus on what matters as soon as they start.
There’s also tasks that you can have your new hires complete before their first day from the comfort of their home at their own pace. This will keep them engaged and excited about their first official day, while also keeping the process going smoothly. 

Learn More at Elevate

There are a lot of things that may be easier said than done, but taking your business virtual doesn’t have to be one of them. We’ve got your back, and we want to make your transition to digital operations as seamless as possible. 
Learn about going digital as well as many other dealership insights at Elevate 2020 — our virtual event centered around retail automotive people operations. Click here to register for free!


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