How Teton Auto Group Leveraged Hireology to Streamline Hiring Amidst the Acquisition of 3 New Stores


Teton Auto Group is a rapidly growing Auto Dealer Group made up of eight successful locations and over 400 employees across Wyoming.

The group prides itself on being an employer that offers opportunities for growth and advancement — each location has unique stories of people who have evolved and flourished under our culture and ownership’s investment in employees.

Despite the group’s reputation as an excellent workplace in the communities they served, they struggled to manage the influx of recruiting needs as they acquired several new locations in a short time span. With outdated manual processes, the team grappled with candidate ghosting and other costly mistakes. 

Teton Auto Group turned to Hireology’s automotive-specific applicant tracking system (ATS)  as a solution to these issues. Since adopting the platform in 2020, the group has cut its average time-to-hire down to 18 days and made more than 200 hires in the last year alone.

The problem

While Teton Auto Group did have a strategic hiring process in place prior to adopting Hireology, the dealer group limited its own potential by relying solely on paper and spreadsheets to manage recruiting and track candidates. Eventually, the system began to buckle under the weight of the dealership’s expanding operations. With the addition of three new stores within a span of 2.5 years, the limitations of their manual processes reached a breaking point. 

Because of this fast growth, managing the influx of applicants was no longer feasible with the team’s current processes — leading to inefficiencies, high instances of ghosting, and even first day no-shows. The lack of a structured interview process and reference checks further exacerbated the problem, contributing to poor quality hires and eventually a higher turnover rate. The dealer group recognized that they were sacrificing speed and quality by relying on manual, outdated systems, and it became clear that a modern, scalable solution was necessary.

Ultimately, the team agreed that leveraging an ATS was the best path forward. By embracing technology to streamline their hiring process, they aimed to regain control over recruitment, enhance transparency, and ultimately improve the speed and quality of hiring.

The Hireology solution

Since partnering with Hireology in 2020, Teton Auto Group has seamlessly scaled hiring alongside their rooftop growth by streamlining and centralizing hiring with Hireology. The team’s most-loved features include:

Transparent applicant tracking

Because Hireology’s ATS is built for multi-location hiring, the team now has full transparency across all locations and can quickly understand where an applicant is at any point in the process. With this degree of transparency, it’s always clear if a store is off track and needs extra attention to move the hiring needle.

Internal collaboration

Hireology’s team collaboration tools, like the @mention feature, allow the team to streamline and centralize internal communication. With better internal communication, the team has saved time, reduced miscommunication-related errors, and held each other accountable to follow through on next steps.

In-app candidate communication

Hireology’s in-app candidate communication tools have been a game changer for Teton Auto Group — especially the texting functionality. Previously the group was using their personal cell phones to text or call and leave messages, which was time consuming, ineffective, and hard to manage. With Hirelogy’s texting tool, they can reach out to candidates directly from the app and manage all candidate communications in one place.

Additionally, the team regularly leverages HIreology’s email and text templates to not only save time, but also facilitate cohesive branded communication.

Interview guides

By leveraging Hireology’s documented, centralized interview guides, Teton Auto Group has removed many previous biases during the interview process — helping managers focus on the core skills needed to be successful in the role rather than evaluating candidates on their personalities alone. 

Insights and analytics

With Hireology’s in-app insights and analytics dashboard, the Teton Auto Group team is able to set internal goals for metrics like time-to-hire and applicant-to-hire conversion rates and easily understand how the team is tracking those goals. 

With the baseline hiring process covered in Hireology, the recruiting team at Teton Auto Group has minimized time spent on manual work and freed up time to spend on more strategic initiatives like their “Urgency to Hire” initiative. With this project, the team takes extra care to review roles that are not moving as fast as recommended and partners with hiring managers to uncover any friction points holding them back from moving quickly.

“Hireology has been great for our organization. We have been able to streamline our process, implement scalable best practices, and hold teams accountable to the process”

— Crystal Zmak, Human Resources Director at Teton Auto Group

The results

Thanks to Hireology’s best-in-class ATS built for multi-location hiring, the Teton Auto Group has been able to manage hiring alongside rapid business growth with ease. Since partnering with Hireology, the team has increased applicant volume, cut down on critical hiring speed metrics, made better quality hires, and curbed turnover — giving the dealer group an edge in an incredibly competitive hiring market.

Time-to-review: 2 Days

Time-to-hire: 18 Days

Applicants in the last 12 months: 5,000+

Hires in the past 12 months: 200+

Turnover rate change: 32% decrease in turnover

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