Senior Living Properties Enhances Their Applicant Visibility

Senior Living Properties

- How a recognized healthcare group improved their overall hiring capacity and applicant visibility while lowering recruitment expense -

Enhancing the Hiring Process from Start to Finish

Senior Living Properties, LLC is a dedicated group of nursing facilities and rehabilitative care centers between Texas and Oklahoma, that offers short and long term care to thousands of people. 

With no previous applicant management tracking program in place, SLP adopted Hireology in January 2020 to use across their 44 locations. 

Through working with Hireology, SLP saw dramatic improvements in employee turnover, time taken to review individual applications, and time taken to actually make a hire. 

Applicants Reviewed
Hires Made in 2020
Reduction in ad spend
1 %
Days to Hire

One Centralized Dashboard

Prior to partnering with Hireology, SLP could track applicants through Indeed and piece reports together but it was very piecemeal, delayed, and overall, unhelpful. Without an applicant tracking solution, the process was tedious and time consuming, which made reviewing applications and moving applicants through the steps of hiring cumbersome. Hireology made it possible to easily transition applicants through the hiring process from one centralized dashboard, which the CEO in particular was quite the fan of. 

The ease of use and centralization of Hireology’s platform was the biggest benefit to the hiring process for the CEO. “The highly integrated communications systems that allow you to email, call or text candidates instantly is a game changer,” said Cassie Mistretta.

In 2020, SLP was able to send 7,000+ quick and easy text messages to candidates, resulting in an increase in applicant response rates.


The highly integrated communications systems that allow you to email, call or text candidates instantly is a game changer.”

Cassie Mistretta, CEO of Senior Living Properties

Reducing Spend & Improving the Hiring Process

SLP’s monthly spend on ads was quickly adding up. They were purchasing paid and print classified ads at every location. In their first six months with Hireology, Senior Living Properties reduced their spend by 30%. Instead of buying inventory, they invested in a system to process that inventory and identify opportunities for improvement.

Increasing Operational Ease

Signing with Hireology provided data to SLP that allowed them to change processes and resulted in decreased spend and increased ease of operation. 

Throughout 2020, SLP was able to review a total of over 12,000 applicants, with an average of two days to review each application. All in all, SLP was able to hire 600+ employees through Hireology in an average of 13 days — a huge improvement from their days without a tracking system.

As hiring picks up following the decline from the pandemic’s spread, SLP will be able to keep pace with the demand of filling essential roles without the hefty spend they were used to.

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