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For over 60 years, Nelson Mazda has been a key player in the retail automotive industry. 

They’ve built their company mission on the high standards of customer service, and continue to see growth and loyalty among their customers and employees because of their commitment to creating an unparalleled business culture and consumer experience. 

Nelson Mazda has spent the last 14 months with Hireology’s all-in-one hiring solution, and have transformed how they screen job seekers, communicate with applicants, and onboard new hires. 

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One Platform, Multiple Functions

Nelson Mazda was looking for a single platform that could host the entire hiring process from start to finish. Their previous hiring strategy made it difficult to track the process and keep up with the high applicant volume they are used to seeing. With Hireology, Nelson Mazda has been able to hire 116 new hires this year, with an average time to hire of 19 days. “We have hired many employees through Hireology and the process is so organized,” said Megan Britton, the Human Resources Director of the Tennessee area stores.


“We have hired many employees through Hireology and the process is so organized.”

Megan Britton, Human Resources Director of Tennessee area Nelson Mazda Stores

Offer Letters Made Easy

The ease of use of Hireology’s built-in offer letter feature has been a game changer for the automotive group. WIthin the Hireology platform, you can create and edit offer letter templates with personalization tokens to create individualized messages, add an eSignature, and receive notifications when candidates accept the offer. This feature has helped Nelson’s eight locations speed along their hiring process and create their best team faster.

Candidate Verifications that Keep the Process Moving

WIth Hireology’s candidate verification solutions, Nelson Mazda is able to save time and keep candidates more engaged. Hireology has the option of over ten different screening packages to verify your candidates, skills testing that can quickly tell if applicants are a good fit, and automated reference checks that takes 5 minutes of manager time with an 85% response rate. 

Megan said the fact that all the screening and results are stored in the same place makes her life a whole lot easier and allows her to connect to candidates faster.

Hireology’s Always On the Clock

Hireology doesn’t stop once you make a hire. Megan’s team has found the onboarding process to be one of the best parts of Hireology’s software. The digital solution reduces the chance for errors, prepares new employees for their first day, and saves Nelson Mazda valuable time. 

The Customer Success team is also a huge asset to Megan and her team. “They have been quick to respond and help,” said Megan. “Our rep is an amazing asset to us.” Hireology’s Customer Success team will make sure that Nelson Mazda is always set up to build their best team.

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