How Del Grande Dealer Group Increased Monthly Hires by 50% with Hireology


Del Grande Dealer Group (DGDG) has 18 dealership locations competing for top talent in the Silicon Valley area of California. However, with a lean recruiting team and lack of process and reporting, the DGDG team was struggling to fill critical open roles quickly with quality talent. Read more to learn how partnering with Hireology helped DGDG increase monthly hires by 50% and decrease time-to-hire by more than 80%.

The challenge

For DGDG, driving applicants to their open roles has never been a pain point. Rather, the team struggled with the resources and tooling needed to efficiently review, communicate, and hire great candidates in a timely manner. 

According to our recent research, moving fast in the hiring process is critical to dealership success. The research found that more than 50% of automotive industry job applicants would like to be interviewed for a job within 3 days of applying and 61% of applicants accept the first job offer they receive.

As a result of their slow-moving processes, DGDG was unable to staff up to the levels they needed to service customers and ultimately took a hit to the bottom line.

“Recruiting and hiring is a strategic operation core to the success of our stores and it felt chaotic before Hireology. We lost out on quality applicants we desperately needed, spent hours compiling basic funnel reports, and no doubt lost out on revenue to our bottom line because of it.”

– Jasmine Amaya, Recruiting Manager at DGDG

Additionally, the team lacked the reporting necessary to highlight the efforts of the recruiting team. So in her first few months on the job, Jasmine was tasked with developing a report of recruiting activities for their leadership team who had no access or insight into hiring. However, due to inconsistent hiring processes, lack of store management access and engagement, and reporting limitations in their current applicant tracking tool, Jasmine was spending hours creating basic recruiting pipeline reports manually on a weekly basis. 

Having limited resources and insights as leading indicators, coupled with a low hiring volume of approximately 5 hires per week across 18 dealership locations, and a consistently extended time-to-hire averaging around 30 days, undeniably indicated the need for a change.

The Hireology solution

After reviewing several applicant tracking tools, Hireology was selected as DGDG’s official partner, and the difference has been night and day.

Defined and consistent hiring process

Hiring in a dealership environment is not a one-size-fits-all recruiting program. Each brand, department, and applicant pool needs to be catered to in order to see success. Hireology’s applicant tracking system is highly customizable, allowing customers to build workflows that work for their unique needs across teams and locations. Partnering with Hireology allowed DGDG to recalibrate their hiring process and implement a consistent program that made sense for each department.

“While implementing Hireology, we were able to define our ideal hiring process and configure the Hireology account to reflect that. We were also able to centralize content, like email templates and offer letters, to keep messaging and branding consistent.”

– Jasmine Amaya, Recruiting Manager at DGDG


Since partnering with Hireology, reporting that was once manual and time-consuming is now automated and transparent. Using Hireology’s Insights feature along with support from Hireology’s customer success team, DGDG was able to create weekly recruitment funnel reporting which highlighted metrics such as applicants and hires per source, ROI of recruitment spend, process adherence, and time-to-hire — across each location. Insights gained from these reports guide the recruiting team and store-level hiring managers to take appropriate action to ensure hiring results.

“With Hireology insights reporting, we finally have a transparent view into our recruitment pipeline. We are identifying opportunity areas, hiring trends, and holding ourselves on the recruiting team as well as our store hiring managers accountable to drive results.”

– Jasmine Amaya, Recruiting Manager at DGDG

Team collaboration

Communication with stores was also limited prior to Hireology, which contributed to DGDG’s slow-moving hiring processes. But with Hireology, the team gained access to intuitive in-app messaging and @mention features, which have significantly streamlined communication with hiring managers at each store. As a result, the team is able to move faster on great candidates and make smart, team-driven hiring decisions.

Candidate texting

And finally, DGDG has leveraged Hireology’s in-app candidate texting feature to add another layer of speed to the hiring process. By texting with candidates (as opposed to phone calls or even emails) the team is able to connect with top talent more directly, which can shave days off the hiring process. For technicians and sales associates, answering phone calls or navigating emails with recruiters is tough to do during the day while they’re at work or commuting to and from the shop or store. But texts are easy to read and respond to instantly while on the go.

The results

DGDG has seen a positive shift in hiring practices and results since partnering with Hireology. Centralized processes and reliable reporting have enabled DGDG to significantly improve their recruitment funnel.

By the numbers

Since leveraging Hireology in 2019, DGDG has:

“Hireology enabled us to move our hiring process from chaotic and obscure to strategic and transparent. We are hiring better quality people at a faster rate and can accurately report on the value of our recruiting efforts.”

– Jasmine Amaya, Recruiting Manager at DGDG

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