Broad Reach Healthcare Partners With Hireology to Create Transparent Hiring Processes


Healthcare facilities had a challenging time attracting dependable healthcare professionals well before the pandemic. During and after, things have only gotten more complicated. Broad Reach Healthcare was no exception. The organization struggled to attract the number of quality applicants it needed and even once applicants were in the door, the process of getting these folks interviewed and hired was clunky and disorganized — often resulting in slow hiring speed, manual errors, and frustrated candidates.

For Broad Reach Healthcare, it was all hands on deck to keep applicants flowing into their hiring pipelines. Without a centralized tool, department managers were running different processes and the people team had no insight into who needed support or metrics to drive change. Additionally, the organization’s manual, paper process slowed down onboarding and even led to lost candidates.

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The Challenge

Here’s a closer look at Broad Reach Healthcare’s previous recruiting and hiring challenges that served as the catalyst for adopting Hireology in late 2019:

Poor applicant flow

Prior to working with Hireology, the organization relied almost entirely on a combination of print ads, internal postings, and its career site to distribute open jobs and connect with job seekers. The company didn’t use organic or paid job boards nor did they have a strategy for writing quality job descriptions. As a result, they struggled with low applicant flow and poor applicant quality.

Slow, unorganized processes

Despite best efforts to define a hiring process, hiring managers and supervisors rarely followed a clear workflow, causing confusion and slowing hiring efforts. On top of this, these folks were also asked to manually collect all candidate documentation throughout the process — including immunization records, certifications, proof of insurance, and more. Because this process was manual, managers would submit candidates with incomplete packets of documentation, resulting in extensive back and forth which ultimately delayed the entire hiring process.

Working with Hireology

Broad Reach Healthcare chose to bring Hireology on board because of the platform’s ability to centralize everything needed to recruit, hire, and onboard talent from one central location. In addition, the company valued that Hireology’s platform included features designed specifically for the healthcare industry. 

Here are the platform features that Broad Reach Healthcare benefits from most today:

Job board integrations

Prior to working with Hireology, the company didn’t use any job boards. Used correctly, job boards can help your hiring managers and recruiters connect with more quality talent and significantly boost applicant flow. Now, the company uses Hireology’s intuitive integrations with all of the major job boards as well as healthcare specific board, myCNAjobs. Using these integrations, Board Reach is able to share open roles across these boards and get in front of more talent with the click of a button.

Centralized hiring process

With Hireology, Broad Reach Healthcare now follows a documented hiring workflow, giving hiring managers the confidence that they know exactly what to do and when during each step of the process. As a result, every manager goes through the same process and every step is documented within Hireology. That way, there’s no messed steps, miscommunication, or lost candidate information. Plus, the ability to do this all digitally has made the process significantly faster — allowing the team to get great candidates on board faster.

Additionally, the team benefits from Hireology’s in-app texting. Given that much of the organization’s target talent pool is young, texting allows the team to reach this demographic where they’re spending the most time — their phones. Ultimately this makes it easier for managers to stay in touch with candidates and keeps the process moving faster. And it’s an added bonus that this feature is located within the Hireology app, eliminating the need to jump from device to device or system to system.

Automated document collection

The healthcare space is unique in that the majority of the roles require extensive documentation from applicants before they can move forward in the process — everything from proof of insurance to certifications. Hireology’s built-in document collection feature gives Broad Reach Healthcare the ability to easily collect all that documentation at once and quickly determine whether or not an applicant can move forward.

Improved job descriptions

In addition to helping Broad Reach Healthcare distribute job openings on a wider variety of channels, Hireology’s customer success team has also helped the company revamp its job descriptions. Now, the team’s descriptions include specific keywords that help attract the right audience and they’re structured in a way that keeps potential applicants interested and motivates them to apply. 

Applicant sharing across locations

Because Hireology is built for decentralized businesses, Broad Reach Healthcare is now able to share applicants across locations — making it easier for companies to quickly fill open roles from talent already in their network. For example, if one location is struggling to fill a specific role, other locations can check their system for previous applicants that might be a good fit and easily transfer them to different accounts. That way, applicants don’t need to reapply and different teams can avoid completely starting from scratch with document collection.

Results Delivered

Overall, since joining forces with Hireology, Broad Reach Healthcare has driven a significant increase in applicants and hires by implementing a smooth, transparent, and fast hiring process. Notable results include:

  • 100+ hires in 2021
  • 10 day average time-to-hire
  • 2-3x increase in applicant volume


“Before Hireology we did not have the ability to track metrics or really understand what was happening in each step of the hiring process. This led to inconsistencies and a poor experience for the applicant. Now with Hireology we have complete transparency and easy to access metrics. With the customer success support we are also able to adjust to the ever changing marketing and keep up with new trends and best practices”

— Angela Murphy

Chief People Officer, Broad Reach Healthcare

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