What You’ll Learn at Hireology’s NADA 2021 Virtual Booth

We’ve been counting down the days until NADA 2021, and it’s finally here! The Hireology team will be hanging out in our virtual booth all week, and while we’re sad we can’t be together in-person, we’ve still got a ton of exciting data and new features to share with you.

Hireology is a strategic hiring partner to the retail automotive industry, powering 1 in 5 dealerships nationwide. We know the pandemic has likely caused you to toss your hiring plans out the window (maybe a few times), and we want to help you prepare for what’s next, even in the face of uncertainty. 
Here are a few reasons you should drop by the Hireology virtual booth this week. 

Learn what applicants expect from the hiring process.

Talk to our team of experts about all things recruitment. Our knowledgeable employees can give you pointers on attracting applicants to your open roles, share interview best practices, outline ways to keep your candidates engaged, and touch on onboarding guidelines for long-term success. 

Access Hireology exclusive hiring data and listen to impactful TED Talks.

Attracting applicants to your dealership starts with understanding the talent landscape and what they’re looking for in their hiring experience. Hireology surveyed recently hired retail automotive professionals to help dealerships adjust their recruitment processes.

We’ll be sharing this data, along with valuable insight into how to best reach candidates, at our virtual booth.

Additionally, Hireology will be hosting TED Talks on the following topics during dedicated expo hours:

  • Candidate Engagement Strategies (2/9 @1:30pm CST)
  • An exclusive payroll demonstration (2/10 @2pm CST)
  • Hireology’s COVID-19 Human Resource Research (2/11 @2pm CST)

See why 1 in 5 dealerships use Hireology

Test drive our platform with one of our staff members and learn how we helped companies make over 90,000 hires last year.

See how Hireology can help you transform your hiring process from recruiting to onboarding, take a peek at our long list of integration partners to make your process seamless, and give our mobile app a try to take your hiring process on the go. 

Ask the Hireology experts all your hiring questions

Got questions about our platform, hiring in a pandemic, or anything else about your recruitment process? We’ve got you covered. Our experts eagerly await your questions. 

Attend Hireology’s workshop on post-pandemic hiring

Adam Robinson, Hireology’s CEO and co-founder, is hosting a workshop on Wednesday, February 10 about how to adapt your hiring process post-pandemic. Join him at 1:30 PM CT for a discussion on how to run an effective hiring and onboarding program now and as the pandemic reaches an end.

Adam will help attendees to better understand and meet candidate expectations throughout the hiring process, and leave you with actionable insights to set your dealership up for success this year and beyond. 

Win a pair of apple air pods pro or an apple watch.

When you drop by the Hireology booth and schedule a demo, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a pair of apple air pods pro or an apple watch. It’s that simple! 

We’re looking forward to seeing you, and know you’ll gain valuable knowledge from our NADA booth. If you want to see a schedule of all that’s occurring this week at NADA 2021, you can do so here.



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