Webinar Recap: Boosting Employee Engagement with Technology

Hireology Co-Founder and CEO, Adam Robinson, recently hosted a webinar with Automotive News, focused on keeping employees engaged and productive post-hire. Continue reading to learn more about the webinar and watch the full recording.
Given the historically low unemployment rate, today’s hiring market is more challenging than ever before. And once you secure top talent, it’s critical that time and money invested in attracting and hiring is not lost in the transition from candidate to employee. If you’re like most dealers, you likely have many disjointed systems in place to manage the people side of the business. But using multiple HR systems can make your job more complicated, and it can also lead to a frustrating employee experience.
Make your job easier while empowering new hires to get up to speed and begin producing more quickly.
During the webinar, Adam Robinson talks through key benefits of integrating your recruitment marketing and hiring efforts with your post-hire HR systems. These systems include onboarding, payroll, HRIS, compliance and more.
Watch this webinar to:

  • Identify the current and future recruitment, hiring and employee engagement challenges in retail automotive
  • Understand best practices to ensure post-hire technology is user-friendly and seamlessly integrates throughout each step of the employee experience – from hire to retire
  • Map actionable next steps to more effectively integrate your hiring and post-hire human capital management efforts, saving your dealership time and money

Watch the full webinar here.
Interested in learning more about integrating your recruitment, hiring and post-hire efforts? Hireology can help – see a demo today.



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