Top 6 Questions About Indeed Sponsored Jobs 

Last week we launched a new and improved Indeed Sponsored Jobs experience back to Hireology! This full integration allows users to sponsor jobs on the world’s #1 job site1 directly from the Hireology platform. 

Sponsoring jobs on Indeed is proven to help customers connect with better quality talent and fill roles faster. In fact, Sponsored Jobs appear more often in search results and do not fall back in search results over time like free listings, resulting in 55% more applicants2 than non-sponsored jobs. And because Sponsored Jobs reach great candidates sooner, they are 4.5x more likely3 to result in a hire than non-sponsored jobs.

The goal of this integration is to make it easier than ever for you to leverage the benefits of both Indeed Sponsored Jobs and Hireology without having to rely on siloed systems. To help you get the most out of this update, we wanted to share the answers to some frequently asked questions about the integration.

If I’ve never sponsored a job before, when should I consider doing so?

There are many instances in which sponsoring a job will help you drive better hiring outcomes than if you were to rely exclusively on organic listings, including:

  • Competitive job markets: When top talent is in high demand, sponsoring can help attract more candidates and stand out from other job listings
  • Urgent needs: If you need to make a hire urgently, sponsoring can help you get more quality applicants in less time
  • Specialized or hard-to-fill roles: For roles requiring specific skills or qualifications (e.g., automotive technicians, RNs), sponsoring jobs can help you reach the right candidates 
  • Location issues: If you’re hiring in a location with smaller pools of talent (e.g., rural areas), sponsoring your job can give it a boost so that it’s seen by more people
  • Seasonal hiring needs: Sponsoring jobs can help businesses that need more talent during certain types of the year (e.g., hotels) drive more applicants ahead of busy seasons

Is sponsoring jobs through Hireology as effective as using Indeed directly?

You get all of the same benefits of Indeed Sponsored Jobs (and more!) without having to leave the Hireology platform. Everything from managing your spend to analyzing your results now happens within your Hireology account. Plus you don’t have to waste time using disparate systems to post jobs directly on Indeed and then move to Hireology to manage your applicants and candidates. It all happens in one place.

Is it more expensive to sponsor jobs through Hireology?

Nope! The cost is exactly the same.

What pricing model is available in Hireology for sponsored job postings?

Currently, sponsorship is available as a pay-per-click model.

I like that I get a breakdown of my spend on Indeed. Will I get the same functionality through Hireology?

Yes, Hireology offers the exact same spend breakdown, allowing you to analyze what’s working, what’s not, and what you can change to improve outcomes — all without ever leaving the platform.

How do I decide when to sponsor via Hireology or directly on Indeed?

Consult the table below to see recommendations from Hireology and Indeed on the best route to take depending on your needs.

Campaign StrategyHireology IntegrationDirect with Indeed
Single job sponsorship
One-time sponsorship duration
Sponsorship ASAP, without leaving Hireology
Reoccurring sponsorship for evergreen roles*
Bulk sponsorship for 10 or more jobs
Multi-job campaigns or strategic campaigns (i.e. specific roles in specific locations, tagging strategies, etc.)
*Hireology plans to add these features to the Sponsored Job Integration at a later time.

If you’re still not sure, consult a Hireology rep to discuss your needs and they will make a recommendation. You should also continue to leverage a relationship with your Indeed rep to ensure your listing stays competitive and you are getting the best return on investment from your sponsorship.

This integration enhancement is already helping many of our customers drive better quality applicants and fill roles faster. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, give it a shot today or speak to your customer success rep for support.

And remember to stay tuned for even more exciting product updates to come from Hireology! If you’re not yet a customer, take a quick virtual platform tour today to see what we’re all about.

1comScore, Total Visits, April 2023

2Indeed data (US,CA)

3Indeed data (worldwide), Q4 2020



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