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As businesses across the country continue to deal with the challenges faced by COVID-19, our product team has spent the year prioritizing features and all-new functionality to help our customers overcome the hiring challenges that we’ve seen over the past few months. 

We’d like to share a few features we recently launched and preview upcoming updates to our core platform to directly address the pain points we know businesses are feeling due to the business realities COVID-19 has created. 

Facebook for Jobs Beta

In June, we officially rolled out our integration with Jobs on Facebook. This exciting integration lets Hireology customers automatically share any open roles across their Facebook business profile to reach even more applicants in the social media they’re actively engaging with. Applicants can apply to open roles directly from Facebook, using their work history already included in their Facebook profile as part of their job application. 

In the first month of our integration being live, Hireology and Facebook helped our customers generate 15,000 new applicants from Facebook alone. Customers who helped us test during the beta have seen 200 – 350 monthly Facebook applicants to their locations, helping them connect with great local talent. 
Hireology customers have let us know that applicant flow is something that has caused huge challenges during COVID-19. Whether your organization was forced to close operations and is now looking to re-open, or an essential business or healthcare agency that has never been busier, connecting with quality applicants has never been more important. Jobs on Facebook is another way Hireology helps you connect with applicants without the need to invest in a paid job board.

Getting started with Jobs on Facebook is simple for Hireology customers. You can read about setting up the integration and other benefits by reading our recent blog post about this great integration.

Hiring Manager Checklists

Beyond applicant volume, we also know that teams have been disrupted due to many businesses being forced to have employees work remotely due to health concerns. To help teams stay organized, we debuted our hiring manager checklist feature to help hiring teams stay on top of all the things needed to successfully make a hire. 

For many organizations, there are multiple parts of the hiring process that could not be tracked in Hireology previously. The COVID-19 pandemic only added to this, with new steps like remote interviews, additional coordination between remote workers, and PPE considerations. We introduced checklist to help teams not only track hiring steps, but also show which hiring manager completed each task and when. 

The hiring manager checklist feature was introduced in July and is available to any Hireology user to add as a hiring step for any open or future role. You can read more about using this feature – and get a few sample checklists to help you get started by reading the feature introduction on our blog.

Preview: Document Collection 

Hiring manager checklists are just the first of an exciting suite of features we’ll be introducing later this summer all about documentation. We know that many of our customers are hiring for very skilled roles that require documented certifications, immunization records, insurance confirmations and other paperwork to ensure new hires have been fully vetted and can perform the needs of your organization. 

Today, collecting these documents is a manual process that involves physical paper forms, or working with candidates via email to get documentation in order during the hiring process. This creates a lot of administrative work for hiring mangers, and is a poor candidate experience for applicants who need to sort through their records and email or copy their records one by one. 

While this is an administrative burden to process one job applicant’s documentation, if your organization screens hundreds of applicants a year, it turns into a process nightmare costing time and money that could otherwise be invested back into your business or agency. 

Later this summer, we’ll be enhancing our onboarding platform with support to collect candidate documents during the hiring process. This will allow candidates to share documents digitally step-by-step, while significantly freeing up hiring managers from taking the time to sort through paper records. Look for more details on document collection to be released later this summer.

Preview: Offer Letters

One of the most important steps in your hiring process is extending an offer letter to your final-round candidates and tracking acceptance. Today, this happens over email outside of our platform. Later this summer, we will be bringing the full offer letter experience to the Hireology platform, complete with offer letter templates,  personalization tokens to make your offers consistent but personal, and support for e-signatures, allowing candidates to sign their offer letters without the need to print, sign, scan and send back. 

By bringing more hiring steps into our platform, we know that hiring managers will need to manage fewer manual or offline steps, letting everyone work smarter while also providing a better candidate experience. Offer letters will be coming as a standard feature to all Hireology accounts, and will function similarly to our other hiring steps. Look for more details to come out about offer letter availability in the next few weeks. 

After reading about our recently released features and seeing what we have in store for the rest of the summer, we hope you’re as excited as we are for our product roadmap. If you’re not yet a Hireology customer, we’d love to show you the other parts of Hireology that have helped our customers navigate the challenges of hiring through COVID-19. Get in touch to see a demo to see how we can help your organization.



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