Recruitment Automation: What it is And Key Benefits

Most qualified talent is already employed in today’s highly competitive hiring market. As a result, 80 percent of job seekers are considered passive and don’t visit job boards. To reach passive job seekers, your team needs to expand your recruitment marketing efforts beyond job boards, and one way to do so is through recruitment automation.

What is Recruitment Automation?

To attract top talent, it’s critical to have a multichannel recruitment marketing strategy in place, consistently share content about your employer brand and build relationships with prospective candidates. But managing all recruitment and candidate communication across multiple channels can be time consuming and tedious.
Recruitment automation enables HR and business leaders to streamline steps in the recruitment process that are often managed manually. Leveraging predictive analytics, recruitment automation matches employers and their open jobs with the most qualified talent in their markets. Instead of a hiring manager coordinating each step of the recruitment process on their own, such as sharing open roles and communicating with prospective applicants, recruitment automation does the work for you, automatically engaging with quality talent during each step.

How Recruitment Automation Can Benefit Your Team

Recruitment automation offers a variety of benefits to your team, from streamlining candidate communication to speeding up time to hire. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits in more detail.

Reach Passive Candidates

Given the historically-low unemployment rate, most job job seekers aren’t actively looking for new roles. Recruitment automation enables you to reach passive candidates, meaning those who might not have otherwise considered joining your team. These candidates might be happy in their current roles but still open to new opportunities. Using recruitment automation, your team can send emails to passive, prospective applicants based on their background, experience and current location.
Reaching and engaging with these passive candidates is critical to encourage them to consider new job opportunities and industries. Take the retail automotive industry, for example. Only about 1.5 percent of job seekers would consider a career at a dealership. But by sending passive candidates with relevant experience automated emails with your open opportunities, they might consider joining your team. If you’re hiring for sales roles, you can send automated emails to local candidates who have sales experience in other industries. The same goes for hiring technicians – you can reach passive candidates who have related technical experience.
Another option you can embrace with recruitment automation is reaching out to local college students about entry-level roles. Consider pulling a list of recent graduates or graduating seniors and sending automated, personalized emails offering them an interview. The subject line can read along the lines of, “[First name], you scored an interview with [Company]!” In the email, include a link to your career site and the job application. This will help you engage potential job seekers who wouldn’t have otherwise known about your job opportunities.

Save Your Team Time and Resources

By reaching passive candidates through recruitment automation, your team can save time and resources that might have otherwise been spent scrolling through LinkedIn or related channels and manually reaching out to prospective applicants by phone or email.
Beyond saving your team time, recruitment automation can also save your team money by delivering qualified applicants at a lower cost than job boards. While job boards are a key component of any successful recruitment marketing strategy, it’s important to supplement job boards with a diverse set of recruitment channels, including a compelling career site, targeted ads and recruitment automation.

Decrease Time to Hire

For each day your team has an open role, you face lost productivity and profitability. With recruitment automation, you can decrease your overall time to hire, filling your open roles with qualified talent quickly and efficiently. By automating the first touchpoint you have with candidates – such as sending automated emails sharing your open roles or going so far as to offer interviews to qualified candidates up front – you can streamline initial candidate communication.
Throughout the hiring process, recruitment automation can streamline additional steps along the way. Automated prescreen surveys can be sent to applicants, to cut back on initial applicant review time and weed out those who are not a fit. Applicants who score well on prescreen surveys are then sent to the candidate stage of your hiring process for your hiring managers to review, saving time that would have been spent manually reviewing unqualified applicants.
Candidate communication can also be streamlined using text messaging. Rather than risk playing phone tag or an email getting overlooked, you can reach out to candidates via text messaging throughout the hiring process. And text messaging can be made easier using templates and mass messaging with dynamic fields, saving your team time.
For candidates who ace the interview stage, a final step your team should take before extending a job offer is verifying candidates using reference and background checks. By partnering with a recruitment CRM platform like Hireology, the candidate verification stage can be automated. For reference checks, candidates simply fill in their references’ contact information and surveys are automatically sent out. And for background checks candidates submit the required personal information and the rest of the process is taken care of automatically.
Recruitment automation can help your team get a leg up on the competition and secure top talent in today’s tight labor market. Hireology is here to help you save time and money on your hiring efforts while driving qualified candidates to your open roles. Learn how we can help – see a demo today.



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