Product Update: Introducing Document Collection

Automatically request, manage and review critical candidate certifications

Many of our customers are looking to hire for highly skilled roles that require certified documentation — whether it’s accreditation certificates, immunization records, proof of insurability, licensing and employment verification. Many hiring managers collect these forms manually over email — overloading inboxes, taking time in manual back and forth communication and slowing down the hiring process while providing for a poor candidate experience.

We’ve created an integrated document collection process to automate collecting these critical documents in a mobile-friendly format that’s simple for candidates to use. With Hireology document collection, hiring managers can speed up the hiring process while concentrating on driving quality candidates that meet the qualifications to get the job done. And, if you missed our document collections webinar and want to check it out, you can watch it now!

Candidate document collection best practices

Hiring managers can kickstart the document collection process within Hireology to automatically notify a candidate to create a secure account and upload the materials needed to certify they can perform in the role. Managers can track progress across all candidates within Hireology, and are able to quickly view, download or print candidate documents as soon as the candidate summits them.

Document collection is perfect for roles that require any of the following sample documents: CNA certifications, other medical or professional certifications, physical examination records, drivers licenses, employment verification, professional liability insurance, and more. 

The perfect compliment to digital onboarding

Once you collect candidate documents and make a hire, transition seamlessly to our digital onboarding process so new hires can fill out new hire paperwork, complete trainings and get the materials they need to make their first day on the job great. Learn more about our onboarding platform that also includes these exciting document collection features.

The document collection candidate experience

The Hireology document collection experience makes it simple for your candidates to provide everything they need to your hiring managers. The mobile-first experience means that your candidates will be able to provide any requested materials in a simple step-by-step process, whether they’re using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Beyond simply uploading documents, steps can include advanced qualification features such as E-verify to certify candidates are eligible for work in the U.S. 
This mobile-first approach to the candidate document collection process ensures that your candidates can provide any needed materials to keep your process moving forward.

Getting started with document collection and digital onboarding

Companies new to Hireology

Document collection is included in our Hireology + onboarding subscription. Get in touch today to hear more details about putting document collection into action and getting details on the full capabilities of our onboarding platform by scheduling a demo.

Current Hireology customers

Already a Hireology customer? Reach out to to learn about our upgrade options for adding onboarding and document collection to your account today.



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