Powering Up for Electric Vehicles with Quality Hiring Practices at Your Dealership

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer just a trend; they are becoming a mainstream option for consumers across America. With advancements in technology and increasing environmental awareness, more car buyers are considering EVs as their next vehicle choice. This shift presents both opportunities and challenges for car dealerships.

Is your team equipped to handle changes in rules and regulations? In this blog post, we’ll explore best hiring practices to ensure your dealership is prepared to excel in the electric vehicle market.

Understanding the Electric Vehicle Market

Why EVs are Gaining Popularity

The surge in electric vehicle popularity can be attributed to several factors. First, advancements in battery technology have significantly extended the range of EVs, making them a more practical option for daily use. Additionally, government incentives and tax credits for EV buyers have made these vehicles more financially attractive. Lastly, growing environmental concerns are pushing consumers toward more sustainable choices.

Key Features of Electric Vehicles

EVs come with a host of features that set them apart from traditional gasoline-powered cars. Understanding these features is crucial for your sales team. Some of the key features include:

  • Battery Range: The distance an EV can travel on a single charge.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Availability of charging stations and home charging options.
  • Maintenance: EVs generally have lower maintenance costs due to fewer moving parts.

The Future of EVs

The future looks bright for electric vehicles. According to industry projections, EV sales are expected to continue growing at an impressive rate. This growth is driven by ongoing technological advancements, increased consumer awareness, and supportive government policies.

Preparing Your Dealership for EV Sales

Training Your Sales Team

Your sales team is the frontline of your dealership. Ensuring they are knowledgeable about EVs is paramount. Training should cover:

  • Technical Specifications: Understanding the mechanics and technology behind EVs.
  • Charging Options: Explaining the different types of chargers and their availability.
  • Environmental Impact: Highlighting the eco-friendly benefits of EVs.

Creating an EV-friendly Showroom

An EV-friendly showroom can significantly enhance the customer experience. Consider the following:

  • Charging Stations: Install charging stations at your dealership to demonstrate convenience.
  • Interactive Displays: Use digital displays to provide detailed information about EV models.
  • Test Drives: Offer test drives to allow customers to experience the unique feel of driving an EV.

Marketing Your EV Inventory

Effective marketing is essential to attract potential EV buyers. Strategies include:

  • Online Listings: Ensure your website features detailed listings of your EV inventory.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Use social media platforms to promote your EV offerings and share customer testimonials.
  • Community Events: Host events or participate in local activities to showcase your EVs.

Best Hiring Practices for Your Dealership

Defining the Ideal Candidate

When hiring new talent for your dealership, it’s important to define the qualities you are looking for. Key attributes include:

  • Technical Knowledge: Understanding of electric vehicles and their technology.
  • Customer Service Skills: Ability to explain complex information in a simple manner.
  • Sales Experience: Proven track record in automotive sales.

Crafting an Effective Job Description

An effective job description can attract top talent to your dealership. Your ad should include:

  • Job Title: Clearly state the position you are hiring for.
  • Responsibilities: Outline the key duties and expectations.
  • Qualifications: Specify the required skills and experience.
  • Benefits: Showcase your employer brand and highlight what sets your dealership apart, such as training opportunities and a supportive work environment.

Streamlining Your Recruitment Process

To reach a wider pool of candidates, streamline your recruitment process with an applicant tracking system like Hireology through:

  • Online Job Boards: Posting your job ads on popular job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor.
  • Employee Referrals: Create a passive pipeline of employee referrals, which are hired at 7x the rate of non-referred employees.
  • Social Media: Leverage platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential candidates.
  • Industry Networks: Tap into automotive industry networks and associations.
  • Evaluate Your Applicants: Make better hiring decisions with background checks, skills tests, and screenings

Feature Your Jobs on Your Website

Enhance Your Careers Site

Your dealership’s career site is a powerful tool for attracting talent and improving your employer brand. Enhance your careers page by:

  • Showcasing Your Culture: Use photos and videos to highlight your dealership’s work environment.
  • Employee Testimonials: Share stories from current employees about their experiences.
  • Clear Application Process: Make it easy for candidates to apply with a simple and straightforward application process.

SEO Optimization

Optimize your job listings for search engines to increase visibility. Include relevant keywords such as “automotive sales jobs,” “electric vehicle specialist,” and “car dealership careers.”

Regular Updates

Keep your career site updated with the latest job openings and company news to show potential candidates that your dealership is dynamic and growing.

Qualifications for Hiring the Right Talent

Educational Background

Look for candidates with relevant educational backgrounds, such as degrees in automotive technology, business administration, or marketing. Specialized training or certification in electric vehicle technology can be a significant advantage.

Experience in the Automotive Industry

While experience in the automotive industry is highly valuable, don’t overlook candidates with transferable skills from other sectors. For example, individuals with a background in technology or renewable energy may bring fresh perspectives to your dealership.

Soft Skills

In addition to technical knowledge and experience, soft skills are crucial for success in the automotive sales industry. These include:

  • Communication: Ability to convey information clearly and persuasively.
  • Problem-Solving: Capability to address customer concerns and find effective solutions.
  • Adaptability: Willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies and market trends.

Engaging with the Community

Building a Local Presence

Engage with your local community to build awareness and trust. Participate in local events, sponsor community activities, and organize test drive events to showcase your EV inventory.

Educational Workshops

Host workshops to educate the community about electric vehicles. Topics can include the benefits of EVs, how to charge an EV, and the cost savings associated with EV ownership.

Partnering with Local Businesses

Form partnerships with local businesses to promote your dealership and EV offerings. For example, collaborate with local cafes to offer exclusive discounts to their customers who visit your dealership for a test drive.

Leveraging Technology in Hiring

Applicant Tracking Systems

Invest in an applicant tracking system (ATS) to streamline your recruitment process. An ATS can help you manage job postings, track applications, and communicate with candidates more efficiently.

Video Interviews

Use video interviewing tools to conduct preliminary interviews. This can save time and allow you to assess candidates’ communication skills and personality before inviting them for an in-person interview.

Online Assessments

Incorporate online assessments to evaluate candidates’ technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities. This can help you identify the most qualified candidates for your open positions.

Building a Strong Onboarding Program

Orientation and Training

A comprehensive onboarding program is essential for new hires to succeed. Provide an orientation that includes an overview of your dealership’s history, culture, and values. Follow this with thorough training on your products, sales techniques, and customer service protocols.

Mentorship Programs

Pair new hires with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support during their initial months. Mentorship programs can help new employees acclimate to their roles more quickly and build strong relationships within the team.

Continuous Development

Offer opportunities for continuous learning and development. This can include workshops, online courses, and certifications related to electric vehicle technology and automotive sales.

Monitoring and Improving Employee Performance

Setting Clear Goals

Set clear and achievable goals for your employees. Regularly review their performance against these goals and provide constructive feedback to help them improve.

Regular Check-ins

Conduct regular check-ins with your employees to discuss their progress, address any challenges they may be facing, and provide support. Regular communication can help keep employees motivated and engaged.

Recognition and Rewards

Recognize and reward employees for their achievements and contributions. This can include bonuses, promotions, and public recognition. Acknowledging hard work and success can boost morale and encourage continued excellence.


The rise of electric vehicles presents a unique opportunity for car dealerships to expand their offerings and attract a new segment of buyers. However, success in the EV market requires a knowledgeable and skilled team. By implementing best hiring practices, training your staff, and creating an engaging dealership environment, you can position your dealership as a leader in the electric vehicle revolution.

Ready to take the next step? Start by enhancing your hiring process and building a team that can drive your dealership’s success in the electric vehicle market. For more tips and resources, schedule a demo to speak with our team of automotive hiring experts today.



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