Platform Updates to Keep Up with Today’s Applicant Demand

This spring, we focused on a number of Hireology product updates to coincide with many businesses reopening or ramping up their hires as vaccines continue to rollout at a record pace and companies look to dramatically expand their teams. When we looked at our own data earlier this month in the BLS jobs report, we found that our customers opened 50% more in March than February, and we expect this trend to continue as unemployment continues to fall.

We’re excited to launch a few new platform features to help you meet the demands of today’s labor market.

Exciting updates to the Hireology mobile app 

Introduced late last year, the Hireology mobile app made it simple to connect with new applicants and decide who to take forward to the candidate stage. Later this week, we’ll be launching an updated version of our iOS app that brings even more features from our desktop experience to iPhone. 

See all applicants and candidates 

The new update lets you see any applicant or candidate and track their status across your open jobs. New filtering and search tools let you access the right person quickly so you can see application materials and which step in the hiring process the candidate is currently completing. Hiring managers can also leave comments to internal team members, or reach out to applicants or candidates via text messaging, email or a phone call. 

Hiring candidates from the app

This new version of our app also lets hiring managers to mark final-round candidates as hired, kicking off any necessary onboarding steps to fast-track new hires to your team. The app also lets you gracefully decline candidates who you would not like to move forward with, along with the option to send a follow-up email that can be customized using the email templates in your Hireology account. 

Hireology app launch 

You can expect to see these updates in the Apple App Store in early May with our Android release coming in a few weeks. You can always get to our latest version of Hireology mobile by clicking on the corresponding store link here. 

DOT and HHS-compliant drug screens and federal criminal searches join our verification offerings

Hireology has always allowed hiring teams to conduct in-platform background checks, MVR reports and schedule drug screens. This month, we’ve expanded these offerings with a new compliant drug screening package that meets the standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and regulated by the HHS (Health and Human Services) department. Additionally, we’ve also brought federal-level criminal searches to our verification packages for the very first time. The below list of new verifications are available today for Hireology customers that utilize our in-platform verifications:

DOT and HHS mirror screenings 

This is a new offering now available to Hireology customers with access to drug screenings that offers a HHS-regulated, DOT-approved drug screening to ensure your drivers are not impaired on the road. This will be available to all customers who can order in-platform verifications and recommended for organizations that have employees operating vehicles, trucks or other heavy equipment and need to comply with regulations set by the Department of Transportation. Ordering, applicant scheduling and notifications with this drug screen offering will work exactly like our existing drug screen packages within Hireology.

Federal criminal search 

Hireology is now offering federal-level criminal searches in addition to our current QuickSearch offering. Federal crimes, which can be very serious, don’t appear in state or local databases. This new federal option allows our customers to search 92 federal districts to retrieve state-level records from federal district courts to discover crimes committed against the United States government.

9-panel drug screen

Joining our current 4-panel and 5-panel drug screen offering is a new 9-panel option. This expanded drug screen includes a urine-based test for amphetamines, cocaine, THC, opiates, PCP, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methadone and propoxyphene. Ordering, applicant scheduling and notifications with this drug screen offering will work exactly like our existing drug screen packages within Hireology.

New release notes to share our latest and greatest product developments

While we work on improving the core Hireology platform on a weekly basis, not every feature improvement, bug fix or enhancement will get a dedicated post. Instead, we’ve created a new release notes resources where you can see exactly what our team is shipping to improve Hireology. You can find this new resource here and we hope it provides transparency into the features large and small our team is focused on. 

That’s it for our April updates – we hope you’re as excited as we are for the improvements coming to our mobile app, our latest verification packages and the new release notes our team is starting to share. Check back next month for other exciting updates coming to the Hireology platform.



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