New Resource: The Hireology HR Manager Toolkit

When most small businesses get started, the owner or manager likely handles basic HR tasks – such as hiring, onboarding, training, payroll, managing employees and scheduling. But as any business continues to grow, HR tasks can take away from other key responsibilities that contribute to company growth.

If you find your team is starting to get overwhelmed handling HR processes, it might be time to hire a dedicated resource – an HR manager. Whether you’re hiring an HR manager for the first time or replacing a previous employee in the role, it’s important to provide your HR manager with everything necessary to excel in the position.

In this guide, we’ll share an overview of key resources you should have in place to set your HR manager up for success, including:

  • General company information
  • An overview of HR resources
  • Integrated HR software
  • Insights to measure the success of your people operations.

Download the full resource, “The Hireology HR Manager Toolkit,” below. 



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