June Product Updates: New Indeed Job Promotion and More

Reach more candidates via Indeed

Summer is in full swing and at Hireology we’ve been hard at work building some exciting new desktop and mobile app improvements!

Today, we’ve released three major enhancements designed to help you reach more applicants and quickly hire the best. Hireology customers will now be able to promote a job on Indeed directly from the Hireology application, allowing you to connect with the world’s largest network of talent with the click of a button. You’ll also have access to several new mobile app features and candidate search enhancements, allowing you to communicate with your team on-the-go and keep your hiring process moving. 

Here’s a closer look at today’s releases:

Make critical hiring decisions faster with Hireology mobile app updates

You can already review applicants, search and filter for candidates, and make hires from anywhere at any time using the Hireology mobile app. Today, we’re excited to share several new enhancements to the mobile app designed to help you move your hiring process along even faster, including:

Push notifications: Upon signing into the app, you can enable notifications for ‘new applicants’ and ‘inbox notifications’ that will guide you back to the app when something requires your attention, helping you prioritize work and move fast.

Sharing applicant resumes: You will now be able to kickstart the hiring process even faster by sharing a PDF of applicant resumes with other team members through a variety of communication apps already downloaded on your mobile device, including email, iMessage, and Slack. 

@ tagging via comments: You can now use the @ symbol to tag other team members in the comment section on applicant and candidate profiles within the app, allowing you stay up-to-date on your internal communications while on-the-go.

Updated home page: If you have no new applicants to review you will now see an updated home screen where you will have quick access to ‘Messages’ and ‘People.’

In a survey of recent applicants, we found that roughly 30% of job seekers today get hired in less than 2 weeks. To cut your time-to-hire down to this timeframe, you need to find ways to drastically streamline your hiring steps. Working from your mobile device is one of the easiest ways to do this as it allows you to make critical hiring decisions instantaneously while on-the-go  — no need to wait to get back to your desk after meetings or your commute.

Easily sponsor a job on Indeed to reach a wider network of talent

We’re also excited to share that Hireology users now have the option to promote jobs directly with Indeed, allowing you to quickly connect with the world’s largest talent network without ever leaving the Hireology application. Here’s how today’s update works: When you click on your open job and hit the ‘Promote’ button to the right of the job title, you will be taken to a list of sponsored job boards you can select from. ‘Indeed’ will now be among that list.

Poor applicant flow is a top challenge among employers across all industries today. And Indeed is consistently one of our customers’ top sources of applicants. In fact, among applicants surveyed in our most recent research, 47% of applicants go to general job boards like Indeed first when searching for a new job. 

Quickly find and hire qualified candidates with in-app search enhancements

When you need to fill a crucial role fast, it’s important to be able to quickly sift through qualified candidates in your system and get them through your hiring process as soon as possible. That’s why we created candidate search within Hireology — to make it easy and intuitive to find great candidates that already exist within your account. 

With today’s update, you can now save your search criteria exactly how you built it, reducing the time spent crafting a new search each time you want to find a candidate. These candidate search filters will be saved throughout your session and not lost when you navigate away from the page. You will even have the option to bookmark your search filters or share your search results across your team. 

Tip: build a search criteria for a hard-to-fill role, like a technician or a CN. Each time your team is in need, come back to your search results to quickly filter through new and past candidates to fill your open role fast! 

At Hireology we understand that today’s hiring market is difficult and unpredictable. That’s why we’re constantly building and improving upon features like these that are designed to bring support and stability to your recruiting and hiring efforts. We hope with today’s updates you’ll be able to run an effective and streamlined hiring process no matter where the economy heads for the rest of 2022 and beyond.

All three of these releases are available for Hireology desktop and mobile app users today. If you’re not yet a customer and want to learn more about how features like these can help you attract and hire better talent faster, schedule a free consultation with an expert today.

And if you’re a Hireology customer, but you aren’t yet a mobile app user, you can download it from Google Play or the Apple App Store now.



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