How Hireology Can Support Your Hub and Spoke Recruiting Strategy

Anyone who has attempted to hire for an open role in 2021 knows that it hasn’t been easy. You’re looking to hire fast as the economy recovers. But due to lingering COVID concerns, a lack of quality childcare options, and unemployment benefits exceeding wages for low-paying roles, many folks are just not as eager to get back into the workforce as experts predicted. And this is leading to an imbalance in the supply and demand for top talent.

Although some of the reasons why we’re seeing this shortage are outside of our control, there are things you can do to set yourself apart from competitors and get in front of those who are looking for work. One of the most effective tactics we’ve seen customers embrace is the hub and spoke model for applicant sourcing. With this model, you use many different channels to reach job seekers and then direct interested applicants to a centralized career site that serves as your hub for all of the information regarding your open roles, culture, benefits, career growth opportunities, and more.

A great hub and spoke strategy includes a variety of recruiting sources like paid and organic job boards, social media, Google, and employee referral programs. And of course it requires a high-quality career site.  Chances are you’ve already embraced some of these — especially job boards. But social media is the one source that most organizations overlook. And it is worth adding to your mix because it’s a free and easy way to passively attract higher quality applicants.

Hireology can support your social media sourcing along with your entire hub and spoke recruiting strategy in a number of ways:

Jobs on Facebook integration

Hireology supports a direct integration with Jobs on Facebook, allowing you to reach millions of local applicants from your organization’s business page across the largest social media network. With the integration, any current and future jobs can be shared to your Facebook business page automatically and applicants can apply for your open positions directly from their Facebook accounts.

Our customers have found that the quality of applicants coming from Jobs on Facebook is equivalent to that of the popular job boards such as Indeed. The only difference is that using Jobs on Facebook is free. And Jobs on Facebook is the second most popular source for driving applicants in terms of volume. In April, the site drove 25,000 new applicants for our customers — 5,000 of those applicants moved on to become candidates and 500 were eventually hired. 

Career site support

As mentioned above, your career site is the foundation of your recruiting strategy. Without a centralized and content-rich location to direct all of your applicants, you won’t get the most out of your diversified channel investments. If top applicants you’ve attracted can’t quickly research what your company has to offer them, they’ll move onto other opportunities.

With Hireology, you can build a robust career site that showcases everything your talent pool cares about most — whether that’s pay, benefits, culture, or flexibility. You can design your site to include videos and images in addition to written descriptions about your organization and of course your open roles.
Hireology can also provide SEO support in order to help the open jobs on your site rank higher in Google, Facebook, and organic job board results. Additionally, all Hireology-powered career sites are mobile-friendly, which makes it easier for job seekers to navigate your site on-the-go and quickly apply to open roles.

Insights and analytics  

The best hub and spoke strategies are optimized over time. It’s not effective or financially responsible to just set up your sources and forget about them. Hireology tracks exactly how each channel — from job boards to social media sites — is performing in terms of volume of applicants and number of hires. Using this data, you can adjust your use of resources across all of your channels over time in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Hiring isn’t easy these days. Don’t make it harder on yourself by limiting your sources or making it really tough for top candidates to research what it’s like to work for you. By using Hireology to support a hub and spoke model, you can reach candidates where they are across a variety of sources and drive them to a single source of truth about who you are as an employer and what’s in it for them as a potential employee.



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