Hireology in the News: NADA Media Coverage Roundup

Last week at NADA Show 2019, Hireology announced its Recruitment CRM, a full-stack recruitment management platform to help dealers build their best teams. The Recruitment CRM creates a competitive advantage for dealers by transforming the recruitment journey from a transactional, ad-hoc process to a deliberate, ongoing talent-nurturing one that helps dealers see the greatest value from their greatest investment – people.
During NADA, Hireology had the opportunity to share this new product release with several automotive publications. See below for more information on the latest media coverage and how Hireology helps dealers build great teams in today’s competitive hiring market.

Automotive News – Hireology Tool Seeks to Make Hiring Faster and Easier

Hireology has launched an integrated recruitment customer relationship management tool that streamlines and combines its Attract, Hire and Integrate products and adds features such as texting with interested candidates.

The tool includes search engine optimization capabilities, a texting option to recruits and technology for passive sourcing, or finding candidates who aren’t searching for jobs.

Hireology says the platform can help dealers manage all hiring work from job descriptions and interview scheduling to background checks and orientation. After hiring, dealers can manage payroll, human resources, attendance and benefits.
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Fixed Ops Business – Hireology Launches Recruitment CRM at NADA

For a dealer with open positions, Hireology’s recruitment CRM can reduce the time-to-hire. On average, dealers take 10 days to review an applicant at a cost of $1,000 per day in lost revenue due to unfilled roles. Hireology’s platform reduces that time to three days. It also helps dealers extract greater value from their new hires by operationalizing onboarding and employee integration by getting them on the floor and contributing to the bottom line.
Hireology’s recruitment CRM also features new functionality including added SEO capabilities, text-to-recruit options, passive sourcing, and candidate records. As a result, this platform enables dealers to manage all hiring activity—job descriptions, open position promotion, interview scheduling, background checks – and onboarding. Post-hire, dealers can further manage all payroll, human resources, time and attendance, and benefits needs in one place.

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Hireology co-founder and CEO, Adam Robinson, also recently sat down with Wards Auto for a Q&A about the generally negative public perception of working in automotive and what dealers can do to combat this challenge. See below for an overview of the Q&A

Wards Auto – Car Dealership Employment Advantages Undersold

Car dealerships offer great career opportunities, but that story seldom is conveyed to prospective employees, says Hireology CEO Adam Robinson.

His company helps dealers get and keep good workers. Among other things, Hireology works with the National Automobile Dealers Assn. on human-capital management and talent-search programs.

In a Wards interview, Robinson talks about surveyed public perceptions (and misperceptions) of dealership work, ways to get that positive story out and the use of effective digital-age hiring practices – particularly in recruiting auto technicians when demand for them outpaces supply.
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For more information on how Hireology’s Recruitment CRM can help you attract and hire your best team, schedule a demo today.



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