Hireology Is Proud to Join AHLA, the Nation’s Largest Hotel Association

There’s no better feeling in business than knowing that you are one step closer to helping more customers solve an obstacle they’ve been struggling to overcome. 

That’s why Hireology, the leading all-in-one hiring and HR platform, is pleased to announce our new membership with the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA). The AHLA is the largest hotel association in the U.S. and represents all segments of the industry nationwide. The organization strives to serve as a singular, united voice for all components of the hospitality industry.

Part of the AHLA’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and united hospitality industry entails becoming a treasure trove of resources for hotels, bed and breakfasts, REIT’s, and more to access for support and education. Located in the hearts of communities across the country, hotels create long-term careers and allow for upward mobility for many employees, spurring economic growth. AHLA members know that investing in their people ultimately means an investment in their communities and towards their guests’ experiences.

As the preferred hiring platform for hundreds of hotels, Hireology is ecstatic to become a part of the AHLA community. We know that the need for more quality employees is at an all time high in the hospitality industry — and our platform is designed to help you do that. Our platform connects with leading job boards, facilitates employee referral programs, enables fast and efficient hiring processes, and much more.

One hotel using Hireology’s powerful all-in-one recruiting and HR platform was able to not only reduce their hiring time by 10 days, but contacted top applicants two days faster with texting campaigns when compared to traditional channels, such as email or calling. We managed these amazing results through combined features, all of which are available to our customers. 

As one hospitality group said, “Payroll is our biggest expense. Making hires out of desperation or sitting on applicants means we are wasting money. With Hireology I have transparency and informed reporting to inform action. We have seen real change since using Hireology.”

No matter where the pain point is in your hiring process, one of Hireology’s ever-evolving features can help you recruit, hire, and manage your hotel’s staff. To see how to use Hireology’s AHLA membership to your hotel’s advantage, schedule a demo today!



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