Hireology and JM&A Group Join Forces to Help Dealers Hire and Retain Talent

We’re excited to announce a new alliance with JM&A Group, the country’s leading provider of F&I products to automotive dealers. Together with JM&A Group, we will help dealers hire qualified talent faster and ensure their growth and development continues throughout their employment.

“Recruiting and talent management has quickly become a priority issue for today’s dealerships,” said Mike McSherry, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Hireology. “Hiring and retaining great talent in a post-pandemic labor market is really tough, and this alliance is designed to alleviate some of these stressors for dealerships so they can focus more on selling cars and driving revenue.”

JM&A Group has long been a top player in the automotive insurance space and is making significant strides in the talent management arena. The company’s automotive talent services division is a best-in-class consulting partner for all things post-hire in automotive, helping dealers create, grow and retain their team through a science-based program.

“At JM&A Group, we are committed to finding new ways to improve our dealer partners’ performance,” said Scott Gunnell, Group Vice President of Strategy, Marketing & Sales Success at JM&A Group. “This new alliance with Hireology will enhance our extensive dealership training and consulting offerings, making it even easier for our partners to find, train and retain the right people while mitigating the traditionally high level of turnover at most dealerships.”

By joining forces with JM&A Group, Hireology will become a preferred hiring platform for JM&A Group’s talent services consulting customers. Hireology currently helps one in every four dealerships find better talent and conduct a fast and effective hiring process to get the most qualified talent on board fast. So, this alliance will give customers of both organizations support during each phase of hiring and talent management journey

“Recruiting and hiring is where we really shine,” said McSherry. “And JM&A Group has a great network of dealerships looking for support in the talent acquisition and post-hire process. I can’t think of a better way to provide real and lasting support for the industry than bringing this alliance to life.”

Hireology and JM&A Group officially join forces today. Any JM&A Group customers looking to learn more about how Hireology can help improve their hiring efforts can schedule a free demo with Hireology and get a personalized 1:1 consultation.



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