Hireology Acquires Customer Base of Franchise-Focused Applicant Tracking System, Hyrell

We’re excited to announce that Hireology has acquired the customer base of franchise-focused applicant tracking platform, Hyrell. Hyrell’s more than 1,200 franchisee customers will transition to Hireology for their hiring needs, gaining access to our suite of pre- and post-hire tools.

The move comes as we continue to rapidly grow as a full-service hiring and HR provider — helping thousands of companies across decentralized industries recruit, hire, and manage great talent. We recently acquired employee referral platform, EmployUs, which expanded our set of built-in talent acquisition tools. Our platform empowers our customers to manage the entire employee lifecycle from one central location.

“We’re so excited to welcome Hyrell’s customers into the Hireology family,” said Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology. “We’ve worked hard to build a platform that is much more than an applicant tracking system — one that provides customers with the tools they need to run a smooth and efficient hiring process from application to hire within one easy-to-use platform.”

We specialize in supporting decentralized businesses of all kinds, making our product the perfect home for Hyrell’s franchisee customer base, which consists of leading organizations including The UPS Store, Wendy’s, Snap Fitness, and more. Our customer service track record recently earned top honors in HRO Today’s top spot in talent management technology and quality of service in 2021.

“Hyrell customers are in the very best hands with Hireology,” said Rocco Fiorentino, CEO of Hyrell’s parent company, Benetrends. “Hireology is a proven leader when it comes to not only providing top-notch technology, but also supporting HR teams and hiring managers who are working to attract and hire talent across multiple locations.”

If you’re a Hyrell customer looking for more information on what this move means for you, visit www.hireology.com/hyrell.

In addition to this acquisition, Benetrends has identified Hireology as a preferred partner for all Benetrends customers. If you are a Benetrends customer, visit www.hireology.com/benetrends to learn more. 



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