Hireology 2020 Year in Review

This year has been a doozy.

It’s difficult to sum up 2020 into words, but through all of the challenges brought on by the pandemic, there have been some high notes, too.

Hireology customers were able to hire for their most crucial roles to make sure their businesses could weather the storm. As the year comes to a close, we are proudly reflecting on the many ways our customers benefited from the Hireology platform, and the new features that made hiring top talent even easier.

We’re looking forward to the year ahead, and will continue to support our customers through attracting, hiring, and retaining the best candidates. Here’s the highlights.
AND we’re hosting a 2020 Year in Review webinar Wednesday, December 16th where we’ll also give you a sneak peak at our 2021 product roadmap. Register for the webinar here. 

2020 Hireology


Hireology users recieved

4,165,356 APPLICANTS

That’s more than the population of

Los Angeles

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were considered quality applicants

That’s more than double the daily flights from Chicago’s

O’Hare International Airport


were advanced to the candidate stage

That’s more than the number of Subarus sold each year.

90,545 HIRES

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That’s more than the highest seating capacity of any


2020 Product Updates

 With every product feature update, we strive to make securing top talent as easy on our customers as possible. On the product side of the business, we made several updates to the Hireology platform in 2020, including the following:

Jobs on Facebook

Hireology launched our Jobs on Facebook integration which has since become our #2 source of qualified candidates. This year alone, Jobs on Facebook has delivered over 350,000 applicants to our customers. The integration highlights include:

  • The ability to connect with top local talent, even before they begin their formal job search
  • Automated job listings on Facebook – no more manually sharing roles
  • Feeds similar to an organic job board to reach local applicants in-app
  • Tap to apply for applicants to reduce friction

Jobs on Facebook has allowed Hireology customers to make 2,500 hires. Currently, there are 19,800 Hireology customer jobs open with Facebook applicants.

Checklist & document collections

Hiring managers need to collect documentation from qualified applicants throughout the hiring process. These can include certifications, various record results, test results, and insurance documentation. Today, this happens manually over email or by paper-based forms, which leaves room for error and disorganization.

Hireology has created Checklist and Document Collections to help alleviate this manual process. You can now track and collect candidate documents in-platform so that everything is in one place.

This allows you to automate the process for a better and more seamless candidate experience. Candidates can now securely upload documents as part of their hiring process rather than going through email or in-person. Your team will be able to focus more quickly on top candidates by speeding up documentation.

Some of the top features include:

  • The ability to choose from preset document collection steps based on the open role
  • Track documents step-by-step within your hiring platform
  • Download uploaded files directly from Hireology
  • Provide a mobile-first candidate experience for uploading materials
  • Speed up the hiring process while focusing on top quality candidates

Offer letters

Extending an offer is a critical step in the hiring process. Bringing this in-platform takes administrative work out of email and makes it simple for your candidates to accept so they can start onboarding sooner.

Dynamic fields and saved templates make offer letters easy to create and manage, while making them tailored to each specific candidate.

Mobile app launch

Our new mobile app allows you to take your hiring process with you wherever you go. You can easily review applicants, move them through the hiring process, and connect with top talent through email, text, or phone — all in one app!

The mobile app makes applicant review up to two times faster. Hireology customers have reviewed 12,000 mobile applicants this quarter, and 2,000 applicants were advanced to the Candidate stage.

Looking to download Hireology’s mobile app? Tap to visit the Google Play or the Apple App Store right now.

The latest integration partnerships

We’re always eager to partner with best-in-class technology providers that can help our customers improve how they source, hire and manage talent. In 2020, we’ve had the opportunity to build relationships with several industry leaders.


AlayaCare’s platform offers a complete technology solution to manage the entire client lifecycle including referrals and intake, scheduling, coordination, client health records, clinical documentation, care worker management, billing and payroll, reporting, remote patient monitoring, and a mobile caregiver app.

The integration reduces friction and the amount of time spent scheduling by seamlessly transferring new hire data from Hireology directly into AlayaCare.


Through the Hireology and MatrixCare integration, private duty and home care agencies see their new hire data seamlessly transfer from Hireology into MatrixCare, providing streamlined operations and a high-level of convenience for newly hired caregivers.

The  integration brings providers a step closer to a one-stop shop for all of their workforce and client management needs.


Hireology partnered with Hcareers, the leading online hospitality job board and careers platform in North America, to help hospitality employers attract, hire and onboard the best candidates in the industry. Customers in the hospitality space now have the option to sponsor jobs using Hcareers to boost visibility with job seekers.

Dealertrack DMS

Dealertrack, a leading provider of integrated dealership technologies, partnered with Hireology early on in the year. The exclusive partnership helps to mitigate the redundant and error prone processes that often comes when dealers use multiple disconnected and stand-alone solutions that, over time, create frustration and inefficiency for auto dealership staff.

Right at Home

Hireology and Right at Home, an in-home care and assistance provider, also partnered together this year. This partnership aims to allow in-home care agencies face the hiring challenges that are so commonly seen in the healthcare industry. Together, Hireology and Right at Home help enable your team to attract, hire, and retain the best talent while saving agencies time and money.


Virtual Events

Hireology made some changes to our events format in 2020 to ensure the safety of our attendees. Here’s how we pivoted.

Elevate 2020

We hosted our fourth annual Elevate conference, the only people strategy summit for retail automotive. The event virtually brought together retail automotive HR leaders, General Managers, and Dealer Principals from across the country for the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and champion the people side of their dealerships.

We launched our 2020 Retail Automotive Applicant Research and heard from industry thought leaders like Jason Stein, Publisher at Automotive News, Peter Fong, Chief Revenue Officer at Orbee Auto, Inder Dosanjh, President of California Automotive Retailing Group Inc., Michelle Harrow, the Head of Recruiting for Twitter, Tyler Anderson, the Director of Business Development for Dealertrack DMS, and Bob Lanham, the Head of Automotive Retail at Facebook.

Hireology’s Healthcare Beat Series

We also launched our Healthcare Beat Series — a two-day webinar series featuring Adam Robinson, CEO at Hireology, Tracey Azer, VP of Alliances at SkillSurvey, Danielle Balow, Senior Solutions Manager at Click Boarding, Aaron Dun, SVP Marketing at CareAcademy, Helen Adeosun, CEO & Co-Founder of CareAcademy, Michael McKenna, Ph.D., Assessment and Research Consultant from SkillCheck, and Kara Polk, Ph.D., an Assessment Consultant from SkillCheck.
This webinar focused on how to ensure healthcare agencies see success in 2021. Topics covered included how to best connect with applicants in today’s challenging climate, how technology can make your hiring process easier, what it takes to attract candidates from other industries, and how to provide a positive candidate experience.


Looking Ahead

Our team is always eager to work on the latest updates to the Hireology platform, and we continuously take customer feedback and industry trends into account as we improve our offerings.

We look forward to more opportunities to help our customers attract top talent, hire qualified employees and seamlessly connect new hires with their HR systems in 2021. We made it through a tumultuous year, and there’s a lot of hope on the horizon. Let’s keep going together.

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