Hire Fast, Sell Faster: Transforming the Hiring Process in Dealerships

In an age where the race for talent is swifter than a Ferrari 812 Superfast, traditional hiring processes are akin to a tractor on the fast lane. Dealership hiring managers are no strangers to the challenges; they face a tight labor market and pressing service demands that necessitate fast and strategic recruitment.

According to recent data from Hireology, hiring is still somewhat to extremely challenging for 88% of dealerships, with 67% specifically concerning the lack of technicians graduating from technical schools. In such a tumultuous environment, it’s imperative for dealerships to streamline their hiring processes, leveraging the latest in tech to attract and retain top automotive talent. This is not just a matter of hiring faster—it’s a matter of future-proofing your dealership against skills shortages and the inefficiencies of outdated methods.

When it comes to bringing in the right people at the right time, technology isn’t just an option—it’s become a necessity. Below, we’ll explore five pivotal tasks that can be transformed or even completely delegated to technology, ensuring that your dealership’s hiring process remains agile without sacrificing quality.

Communicating with candidates instantly

In the hypercompetitive automotive industry, the first to reach out is often the first to win over top talent. But with service managers straddling multiple roles and responsibilities, immediate response times to applications can slip through the cracks.

Employing an applicant tracking system (ATS) is the digital handshake that never falters. Automating candidate communications can range from instant thank-you emails upon application to making use of SMS text to directly reach your prospects’ most intimate space—their phones. The process for hiring managers is as simple as selecting a pre-designated template, tailored to your dealership’s voice, and letting the technology handle the rest.

The subsequent engagement with applicants through emails and text can serve as an excellent brand-building exercise for your dealership, setting the stage for a candidate experience that is efficient and engaging—factors that remain with the prospect long after the hiring process has concluded.

Rapid initial candidate screening processes

Before a single phone call is made, the hiring process can already be in motion. An ATS can administer pre-screen surveys that serve as the initial gauge for a candidate’s fit for the role. These can range from technical proficiency tests for service technicians to personality assessments for sales staff.

Implementing this in your hiring process is a win-win; a swift ‘yes’ moves the candidate to the next stage, a ‘not quite’ results in a polite email thanking them for their time and informing them that they will not be moving forward. This efficiency streamlines the process for the dealership’s manpower and preserves the quality of interaction for the candidate.

Automate interview scheduling

Gone are the days of phone tag and the intricate dance of synchronizing schedules. Interview scheduling can now be a one-click affair, with systems that automatically sync the availability of your hiring managers into a cohesive schedule that is flexible for the candidate.

This scheduling software not only increases efficiency in terms of time but also reduces no-shows. Candidates who are able to select the interview time that best suits them are far more likely to actually attend. The time saved on administrative tasks is invaluable for managers who can redirect their time toward more strategic business functions that drive profits.

Streamlining document collections

Whether it’s certifications, licenses, or any other pertinent paperwork, document collection can often be a tedious and time-consuming task for both the hiring manager and the candidate. Leveraging technology, this step can be consolidated into a digital platform where candidates can securely upload their documents.

This digital handover of credentials ensures that all necessary paperwork is in order before the first day on the job. This not only expedites the onboarding process, but also speaks to the professionalism and organization of your dealership—a first impression that is crucial for employee retention.

Verifying credentials with automation

The final, and perhaps most pivotal, piece of the hiring puzzle is the verification of credentials. Advanced platforms can automate the process of reference and background checks, providing hiring managers with a clear, concise dashboard of results.

The technology reaches out to references via preferred methods for today’s workforce, gathers information, and compiles them in a snapshot that aids in decision-making. Such a system can include a risk assessment tool that highlights any red flags in a candidate’s background, ensuring that your dealership hires with confidence.

It’s evident that in the auto industry, where the competition is fierce and the need for talent is acute, streamlining the hiring process isn’t just about speed—it’s about quality, retention, and future-proofing your dealership. 

By investing in the digitization of these critical processes, dealerships can ensure they’re at the vanguard of innovation, attracting and retaining the best automotive talent the market has to offer. Discover other ways that your dealership can create an engaging interview process that reduces no-shows from candidates with The Ultimate Interview Guide for Dealers.



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