Hang Out with a Hireologist: Emma Pierson

Join us for our latest edition of Hang Out with a Hireologist. This week, we spoke with Emma Pierson, a Business Development Manager here at Hireology. 

Emma has been on the Hireology team since 2021 and we’re so thankful to have her! That’s why we chose her to participate in this series where we shine the spotlight on Hireologists who have gone above and beyond their roles to not only advance the company, but grow as individuals. With plenty of opportunities for additional learning — through in-person and virtual avenues — a career at Hireology means an investment in your future.

Read on to learn more about some of Emma’s recent accomplishments and some practical advice she has for people interested in a sales career.

Hireology: What were you doing before joining Hireology? 

Emma: I was working on the sales team at Farmer’s Fridge! It’s a food/tech start-up in Chicago.

H: Can you give a high level overview of what your role entails?

E: I oversee our entire business development team, and ensure everything at the top of the funnel is being qualified for our sales representatives. My team is dialing outbound all day to set product reviews for our sales team. In sum, if a company falls into one of our verticals and we feel that Hireology can provide value to you — they are reaching out to set the meeting.

H: What is something you’ve done during your time at Hireology that you’re most proud of?

E: I’m really proud of the work my team has done over the last few months. When I started, the [low] amount of meetings my team was generating was a glaring issue. Fast forward 6 months, and we have almost quadrupled the amount they are getting per month. I’m really proud of the time and effort my team has put into their work.

H: What do you love most about working at Hireology?

E: There are endless opportunities to grow. Sales is an all consuming, sometimes monotonous, job. Hireology sets clear goals and tells you how to reach them. Do you want to get promoted? Here’s your path. It’s up to the individual to prove how hard they want to work, and how bad they want it. It’s all even playing ground, so go out and get it.

H: What advice do you have for people looking to grow their careers in sales?

E: Be the expert. You don’t have to be the best at everything, but be the expert in what you’re doing. If your role is primarily cold calling, be the expert at picking up the phone and just dialing. If your role is pitching a product every day, be the expert and know the ins and outs of that product. Work your way up the ladder and put in the work. Aside from that, have fun, and help create and cultivate a company culture you want to work for every day.

H: What was it about Hireology that attracted you to the company and convinced you to join the team?

E: There were so many things that attracted me to Hireology. First and foremost, I was looking for a company that valued internal promotions and had clear career paths for their employees. Hireology, in the short time that I’ve been here, has proven to me that they value your professional development — and personal. My background has primarily been on high-growth, fast-paced sales teams, so I was excited to see that the sales team was going through some significant growth. I knew I wanted to create change and help build this sales team. Aside from that, we have fun at Hireology.  In 2022, your company culture means everything, and Hireology knows that. We work extremely hard, and also have fun while doing it.

At Hireology, we want to build the best team possible. That’s why we place so much emphasis on providing the latest educational opportunities to our employees. Every Hireologist has access to LinkedIn Learning, as well as the option to participate in mentorship programs designed to establish deep relationships. 

On top of the encouragement to grow professionally, Hireology offers some pretty impressive perks. From competitive salaries to Mental Health Days, we want to take care of our employees the best way we know how. For a longer list of our benefits, take a look at our career page.

If you want to work for a company that wants you to succeed no matter where you are in your career, apply now!

Here are some of our key openings in sales:

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