Elon Musk’s Hiring Process & The ‘No-Assholes Policy’

Consider a simple philosophy when it comes to your hiring process. Those of you hiring after the holiday will be glad to know that you might have something in common with one of the smartest and innovative CEOs in the world.
So what does the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors believe in when it comes to hiring his employees?
Believe it or not, it’s similar to our own philosophy. Actually, it’s pretty much exactly the same…and it works! Hear Elon Musk talk about his hiring process and ‘no-assholes’ philosophy at SpaceX (courtesy of oninnovation.com).
It takes an effective workplace culture to build success. Click on the link below for free tips on how to use your office culture as a competitive advantage. 
The Seamless Hiring Process Playbook.



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