Competent Care Home Health Doubles Nursing Hires

The tight labor market and competition for top talent means hiring has never been more challenging for the home health industry. Recognizing these challenges, Competent Care Home Health, an agency based in Orange County California, partnered with Hireology starting in early 2019 to more efficiently attract and hire qualified nurses. 

Prior to partnering with Hireology, Competent Care Home Health relied on job boards as the primary recruitment marketing channel to attract job applicants. But with job boards alone, the agency often fell short in terms of the total number of applicants and quality applicants.

In early 2019, Competent Care Home Health started working with Hireology to implement a streamlined hiring process and improve the overall results of their recruitment marketing and hiring efforts. 

Since kicking off the partnership in January 2019, Competent Care Home Health has doubled its total number of nursing hires with the help Hireology. Specifically, Competent Care Home Health has tapped into Hireology’s targeted ad solution to optimize its recruitment marketing budget, and solutions such as prescreen surveys and candidate texting to run a more efficient hiring process. As a result, Competent Care has cut its total time to hire to 15 days, compared to an industry average of 32 days. 

Speaking of the partnership, Kim Mason, Hiring Manager at Competent Care Home Health, said, “The best and most cost-effective way to achieve your hiring goals is with Hireology – you can spend the exact same amount with them that you are spending on other channels, and you will still see significantly better returns.

Partnering with Hireology is like having a whole hiring team in place working on your behalf to achieve your goals.”

Read the full customer story here. Hireology is here to help your home health agency more effectively attract, hire and onboard qualified employees. Learn more – see a demo today.



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