How to Attract Top Talent with a Compelling Career Site

In today’s competitive hiring market, a compelling career site is critical to the success of your hiring efforts. According to Hireology data, 71 percent of job applicants research a company’s career site before applying to a job. And if you don’t have a strong story to tell on your career site, you’ll risk driving top talent away.
Not only can a top-notch career site help you secure quality applicants, but it can also help you save money on your recruitment marketing efforts. Hireology data found that career sites are 7x more cost-effective than job boards. If you’re looking to improve your recruitment marketing and, as a result, drive profit for your business, consider including the following elements in your career site.

User-Friendly Navigation

Many businesses don’t have a quick link to their careers page from the website homepage. Make your careers link easy to find on your website or engaged candidates seeking out your brand might assume you don’t have any opportunities available. Also link to your career site in job descriptions posted on outside sources, such as job boards or social media. And make sure your career site content is search engine-optimized, so job seekers can easily land on your website when they’re doing a quick job search.

Comprehensive List of Benefits

Today’s top talent is motivated by much more than pay alone. On your career site and in your job descriptions, answer the “What’s in it for me?” question for job seekers by highlighting all the benefits your company has to offer employees, including your healthcare benefits, paid time off, training opportunities and professional development budget, to name a few.

Defined Career Paths

Job seekers demand clearly defined career paths because not only are they looking for their next job, but they want to grow in their careers with their next team. On your career site, show visuals of various career paths and describe these paths in job descriptions, and highlight examples of employees who have risen through the ranks in a dedicated employee testimonials section.

Engaging and Mobile-Friendly Content

Use your career site to keep top candidates engaged by telling a story about your culture, people and core values. Continuously share engaging content to get top talent excited about applying – including team photos and videos, employee testimonials, your latest benefits, and more. Pictures of your team, company outings, unique spaces in your business, community events, or customer engagement will enhance the look of your career site, and give your top applicants a better feel for life on the job.
When building out content on your career site, it’s important to ensure it’s mobile-friendly. Today’s job seekers have an abundance of opportunities available at their fingertips and often research open roles on mobile devices. This means you’ll only have their attention for a short period of time before they continue looking at other positions. To keep top talent engaged, you need a mobile-friendly career site that is easy for prospective job applicants to quickly scan from their phones.

Best practices for mobile-friendly career site content include: short paragraphs, short sentences, a good amount of white space, engaging images and short videos. All of these components will make it easier for job seekers to scan what your team has to offer on their smaller, mobile screens before applying.

An Option to Apply Via Mobile

You should also have an option for job seekers to apply directly from mobile. Up to 1 in 4 job seekers apply to open roles via mobile devices. If you don’t have this option available, prospective job applicants might forget about your open roles and by the time they reach a desktop computer – causing you to miss out on quality talent.

Rather than having candidates type every detail from their resumes or upload their resumes via mobile, offer an option for candidates to simply include a link to their LinkedIn profile and/or portfolio. Other than this link, you can simply require basic contact information to complete the application. If your application gets much longer, prospective applicants might drop out of the application process.
Hireology data shows that 80 percent of career site applicants are quality, the highest percentage across all recruitment marketing channels. Embrace your career site as an opportunity to get top candidates excited about joining your team. For additional tips on attracting top talent, read our resource, “The Hireology Employment Brand Playbook.”



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