August Product Update: New Hireology Features Available Now

In the past few weeks, our team has been hard at work releasing features to help you get the most from your hiring process. To keep you in the loop on the new features we’ve brought to the platform, we wanted to collect all of our recent Hireology updates in this post to ensure you’re getting the most of your Hireology platform. 

Jobs on Facebook

While we originally released support for Jobs on Facebook in July, we’ve helped our customers connect with thousands of new job applicants on the world’s largest social network platform. In the past few weeks, we’ve updated this integration by adding support to organizations that have multiple locations, allowing each location to send their open roles to a single Facebook business page. This update is perfect for individual locations or franchisees to funnel open roles into a group or corporate Facebook business profile. 

Our customers who have taken the few quick steps to setup this integration are already seeing great results. For these customers, Facebook now accounts for about 11% of their total applicant traffic after just being live for a few short weeks. You can read more about our integration with Jobs on Facebook, or reach out to our support team if you’re interested in adding this to your Hireology account.


We launched checklists as a custom hiring step because we know that so much of the hiring process has to happen outside of the Hireology platform, but still need to be tracked to keep the process moving forward. Checklists help any organization keep track of these steps to drive accountability and keep everyone organized. It’s been exciting to see our users create custom checklists that keep track of each step of the overall candidate process. 

Many steps include standard processes you’d expect – such as getting management or finance approval, sending background check requests or creating payroll records. Other customers are starting to document more advanced steps, like screening social media accounts, running Google searches on late-stage candidates and pulling together welcome packages before the new hire’s first day. Whatever your holistic process looks like, we hope our new checklist feature helps organize all of your offline hiring steps with Hireology to align your team, keep everyone organized and provide the best experience for your candidates.

Offer Letters

August marked the official release of Hireology offer letters. While offer letters are a critical step in extending a job to any candidate, the experience was never part of our core platform before now. With the new offer letter hiring step, hiring managers can use or create offer letter templates to easily manage the process from Hireology. Customization tokens accurately map specific candidate and offer details, such as start date, payment periods and compensation amounts to ensure offers are 100% accurate. 

Hiring mangers can create and email offers from Hireology, and get notified as soon as a candidate accepts the offer. For candidates, Hireology provides the ability for them to review the offer using a secure URL that they can choose to decline, accept, and sign using the built-in e-signature feature. Offer letters are also mobile-friendly, allowing your candidates to review and accept offers from any device. 

Register for our Elevate Virtual Event

Elevate, now in its fourth year, is going completely digital this year to ensure we can share the best in automotive thought leadership with HR leaders and other dealership professionals. And to ensure everyone who is interested in hearing from industry experts and leaders on the future of retail automotive talent management, we’re making the three-week virtual event completely free to register and join. Learn more about Elevate and register for the event that starts Tuesday,  September 15 here.

See what Hireology can do for you

If you’re not using Hireology yet but excited by these features, we’d love to show you our all-in-one platform. Get a demo today to connect with our team and see what we can do for your organization.



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