A Closer Look at Hireology’s Mobile-First Capabilities

If you’re like most businesses today, hiring is likely still an uphill battle. You just can’t seem to drive applicants to your open roles, and when you do, candidates ghost if it takes too long for them to move through the process. And there are so many steps and moving pieces in the hiring process that it’s tough to find ways to shave off time and streamline your efforts.

One solution to today’s hiring challenges? Going mobile with your hiring process. In a recent Hireology survey of job seekers, we asked respondents to share which device they used for the majority of the hiring process (that means researching jobs, applying for jobs, and navigating the interview process) 52% said mobile. This is actually the first time since conducting this study that mobile has powered the majority of job searches. We then followed up and asked job seekers if they’ve ever actually given up on an application because it was too tough to do on mobile, and 42% said yes.

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Simply put, if you reach job seekers and candidates on the device they’re using, they’re more likely to apply to your open roles and stay engaged throughout the hiring process. And bonus points if you give your hiring team mobile access too. Like your candidates, your recruiters and hiring managers are also accustomed to being able to complete critical tasks on-the-go. The ability to work via a mobile device provides added flexibility for your hiring teams and ensures consistent collaboration regardless of location.

The good news is that there are several features within the Hireology application that allow you to do all of this and more.

Mobile and texting opportunities within Hireology

Let’s take a look at all the ways you can use mobile and texting in Hireology to drive more applicants to your open roles and speed up the hiring process once you get candidates in your pipeline:

Mobile-friendly applications

All job applications built within Hireology are automatically mobile optimized — taking the burden off of you to set this up. So if someone is applying to your job from a smartphone, the application will automatically adjust to fit the screen, ultimately making it easier for the applicant to navigate and complete.

When customizing your applications within your account, be mindful of how many fields you require. We found that Hireology customers requiring five or fewer fields in their application saw a 36% application rate (that means of everyone who viewed the application, 36% actually completed it). But those requiring 5-10 fields saw a 25% drop off in application rate, and employers requiring more than 10 saw the application rate drop by more than half.

Mobile-friendly career sites

Hireology career sites are also automatically mobile-optimized, which again means that when a user visits your career site on their mobile device the site will adjust to ensure readability and navigability on the smaller screen.

When pulling together content for your mobile career site, remember that this is your opportunity to excite candidates about your company and your open roles. So highlight the information they care about most like benefits, culture, core values, career paths, and work-life balance. In addition to simply listing this information, include photos, videos, and testimonials directly from your employees.

Candidate texting

Now let’s shift gears a bit away from mobile optimized experiences and think about mobile in another sense: communicating with your candidates. Once you get candidates in the door, how can you make the entire hiring process as easy as possible on a mobile device? Texting.

Think about trying to navigate your email inbox on your phone. It’s frustrating because you likely have several pages of unread emails especially in your personal account and even responding and typing the message on your phone is tough and super easy to make mistakes. It’s also difficult to accept calendar invites. Simply put, everything is harder within email apps on our phones, no matter how advanced smartphones become.

That’s where texting comes into play. And the good news is you can text directly with candidates using the Hireology app. Even better? No need to use your own phone or phone number to do this — sending and receiving text messages can be done directly from your Hireology account. You can also set up templates with dynamic fields, allowing you to quickly send mass communications to multiple candidates while still incorporating a personal touch.

And when we asked applicants if they’d be open to texting with recruiters throughout the process for things like scheduling interviews 90% said they would — so long as it made the process move faster. And even when we look at it broken down by age group, older generations are open to this too. It’s really become a universal way to communicate.

Watch our latest Quick Hit webinar for even more best practices for using Hireology’s mobile-first capabilities to hire more talent faster.

Mobile for your team

And finally, don’t think about mobile as something only your candidates are using. Your recruiters also rely on mobile devices for much of their lives, why not let them do their work on-the-go too? With our mobile app you can do many of the same tasks you can on desktop — including advancing a candidate, communicating with candidates, viewing tags, and even making offers!

The ability to conduct critical hiring steps on a mobile device significantly speeds up the hiring process because your team won’t be required to be at their desks in order to advance candidates and keep workflows moving. In fact, our customers using the mobile app in addition to the desktop experience are able to make hires twice as fast as those using desktop alone.

Taking your hiring process mobile can make a big difference in how many job applicants you attract and how fast you can get the best of the best hired and in seat. If you’re already a Hireology customer, start taking advantage of these features today! You can download the iOS app in the App Store now.

If you’re not yet a Hireology customer, check out some of our customer stories to learn how businesses just like yours have taken advantage of our mobile and texting features to improve their hiring processes. Or, if you’re ready to chat with us about how Hireology can help you, schedule a call today!



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