8 Common Payroll Vendor Myths Busted

No matter what kind of business you run, you need a process to pay your employees. With so many companies offering different features and capabilities, finding the right payroll vendor can get overwhelming very quickly.
We’ve learned a lot from our recent entry into the payroll space and wanted to share some common myths about payroll that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Payroll is only about cutting checks

Every business seems to have a separate way of processing employee payroll. Some businesses process payroll manually from written notes and excel spreadsheets, while others use software that might not be the most intuitive or updated HR tool.
In both cases, time and attendance, benefits tracking, compliance, onboarding, and reporting are completely left out, often times locked away in separate vendor systems. Today, sophisticated payroll vendors integrate everything in one seamless platform, dramatically reducing the number of separate systems, errors, and time related to the entire payroll and HR process.
With these integrations, it’s also possible to map correlations, like understanding which team members are nearing overtime pay, which benefits aren’t being utilized, and if turnover is hitting a particular hiring manager or role more than others. Technology exists to bring together separate systems and connect the dots on separate elements of your business to drive interesting insights.

Payroll is confusing

Leading payroll vendors aren’t known for their ease of use or intuitive design, with apps that look like they were first built in the late ‘80s. But everyone still flocks to the same top vendors.
If your payroll system feels like it’s from a ‘90s TV reboot, it might be time to see what else is out there. In working on our new payroll solution, we looked for a partner that built the payroll solution around the user – and not the other way around.

It should be the payroll vendor’s way or the highway

The payroll industry – especially for small and medium businesses – has a handful of well-known companies that all offer a similar take on the same thing. For many businesses, it’s hard to justify a payroll switch since you’ll be leaving one payroll solution for another vendor that provides virtually the same service.
Rather than more of the same, our solution brings functionality to your business others can’t match. By integrating multiple HR functions, Hireology saves hours from the payroll process and dramatically reduces the amount of vendors needed – driving additional return on investment by reducing the amount of time to manage your entire HR stack.

Payroll should be expensive

Nobody likes getting nickel and dimed – especially by the company in charge of cutting checks. Charges for compliance adherence, top-tier support, individual payroll runs, and additional HR components can add up incredibly fast.
We believe in pricing transparency so business owners don’t have to sit and calculate how much their spending on paying their employees. This is why we offer a flat, per employee per month rate so you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

It takes a ton of time (and stress) to set up payroll

Most systems don’t make it especially easy to migrate data or test payroll runs before going live – making the idea of finding a new vendor a little intimidating (or completely terrifying).
We’re the only partner to offer a payroll dry run: a virtual payroll run alongside your existing vendor so you can be 100% sure everything is correct and your employees are getting paid the right amount.

It should be a chore to use and manage payroll

With a majority of payroll systems, HR and finance leaders spend more time working on the system, but we believe the system should be working hard for your team.
Unlike other solutions, Hireology offers key features like alerts when team members approach their overtime, PTO, or sick time limits, when your employee materials may not be compliant, or when tax forms need to be updated.
All of this works seamlessly in the background, allowing you to concentrate on managing your team, and not administering your antiquated payroll system.

Connecting with payroll support should be impossible

We’ve all played the support game – waiting on hold for an eternity only to connect to a representative only to receive the run around. Worse yet, so many components of payroll are industry- and state-specific, so if you get an overseas or remote support contact, they may not be familiar enough with your business to provide value.
We take a different approach here. Our support teams that specialize in the hiring process and payroll management are both U.S.-based, and all team members are experts in their respective disciplines. Our payroll support team is certified to ensure your state-specific payroll questions are answered and we guarantee that your business is 100% compliant with your local regulations.  

It should be a pain to switch payroll vendors

Your payroll system should be ready for today’s challenges – whether your company is a single location just getting started or a sprawling, decentralized franchise business.
Are you getting the most from your payroll system? It should be working hard to make managing all of your HR needs simple – not forcing you to use a system that’s disconnected from the rest of your business.

We can help…

We’ve worked hard to integrate the best modern payroll system into Hireology – creating a seamless platform to take care of hiring, onboarding, payroll, and talent management. See what payroll designed to meet today’s business needs can do for you.



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