3 Ways to Improve Pre-Boarding and Scheduling for Your Healthcare Team

Each time your home health care or home care agency has an open role, productivity takes a hit. So when a new hire signs an offer letter, you want to make sure they get up to speed with your agency and start driving productivity as soon as possible. 

To ensure new employees start contributing to your home health care or home care agency quickly, your team needs to have an effective pre-boarding and scheduling process in place. Below, we’ve outlined several ways you can ensure employee pre-boarding and onboarding is as efficient as possible. 

Connect Your Hiring Platform with Your Other HR Systems 

The transition from candidate to new hire can be an administrative headache if you don’t have the right technology in place to simplify the process. But the right hiring partner can help you ensure a seamless connection between the hiring process and other HR systems. 

With the information you already have on hand from the hiring process, you can automatically create an employee profile with everything you need to set each employee up for success from an administrative standpoint. For example, Hireology powers connections between its hiring platform and payroll, pre-boarding/onboarding, HRIS, scheduling and other HR systems. These connections can help your team save time on administrative work that would have otherwise been manual. 

Share Pre-Boarding Documents Digitally 

If your team waits until new hires arrive for orientation to share pre-boarding documents, you’ll only slow down each new employee’s time to productivity. Instead, once an offer letter is signed, you can save time and keep new hires engaged by sharing pre-boarding documents digitally – before the orientation date. 

Onboarding tasks that can be completed digitally before the first day include: filling out direct deposit information for automated payroll, completing tax forms, filling out benefits paperwork and signing the employee handbook. With these tasks completed, you can have a more efficient orientation process and help new hires get to work right away. 

Streamline Employee Scheduling 

Earlier this year, Hireology announced partnerships with ClearCare and AxisCare, empowering home care agencies to more seamlessly attract, hire and manage employees. Through these partnerships, home care agencies can streamline employee scheduling and fill open shifts in minutes, among other capabilities. 

ClearCare data found that scheduling software can help decrease caregiver scheduling time by up to 80 percent. In addition to saving agency time and helping you avoid errors errors, tapping into streamlined scheduling can also help keep caregivers engaged and boost productivity on your team. 

Many caregivers rely on regular shifts as their primary source of income. If your caregivers end up waiting around for shifts to manually get scheduled – and miss out on potential shifts as a result of the long process – they might get frustrated and seek new roles elsewhere. But more efficient scheduling enables caregivers to stay engaged and manage their own time – and accept shifts as soon as they’re available.

Beyond shift flexibility, improved scheduling can help caregivers cut back on administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on offering top-notch client care. For example, without scheduling software, many caregivers either have to call your agency or manually write down shifts to log their time. With integrated time logs, your employees can dedicate time back to caring for clients – and your team can reduce errors when it comes time to pay caregivers. Ultimately, more efficient scheduling can improve your agency’s ratings with both satisfied caregivers and clients.

Efficient pre-boarding and scheduling can help you set new employees up for success – and empower them to drive productivity for your team – before they even arrive for their first shift. Hireology helps streamline hiring and pre-boarding for healthcare organizations across the country. Interested in learning more about how Hireology can help your home health care or home care team? Get started now.



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