3 Ways Franchisors Can Help Franchisees Hire Quality Employees

For any franchise brand to grow and thrive, franchisees across locations need to provide a top-notch customer experience and maintain profitability. And to achieve both these goals, your franchise locations need great employees who are committed to your brand’s success.
Many franchise brands have dozens – or even hundreds – of locations, so there’s no way you can get involved in every hiring decision. But you can still help your franchisees build strong teams by providing tools to make hiring as efficient as possible – we’ve pulled together some examples below.

Help Owners Manage Applicant Sourcing

Franchisees juggle so many responsibilities that it can leave little time to focus on hiring. Because of this, each time your locations have a job opening, your franchisees might simply post to one job board to get the hiring process up and running. Or they might end up spending valuable time posting to several job boards – the average time it takes to post to a job board is 1.5 hours, so this time adds up quickly.
To help make applicant sourcing more efficient for your franchisees, consider enlisting the help of an automated sourcing tool, which enables you to move away from transactional job board spending and reach a diverse set of sourcing channels. Hireology’s automated sourcing tool, Applicant Engine, can manage your franchisees’ recruitment budget and invest in sources expected to drive quality candidates based on predictive analytics. Applicant Engine taps into a network of 500+ applicant sourcing channels – including national job boards, organic search engine feeds, local classifieds, social media and other niche sources. While the recruitment campaign is being managed automatically, your franchisees can get back to work on other tasks to help move the business forward.

Streamline the Hiring Process

Most businesses either don’t have a hiring process in place or it’s broken. Instead of leaving it up to your franchisees to create and follow a hiring process, your franchise brand should partner with an integrated hiring and talent management platform to implement a repeatable hiring process Once implemented, the hiring process can easily be duplicated and followed across locations. Some key steps to an effective hiring process include regularly reviewing applicants, completing multiple rounds of interviews, administering candidate skills tests, completing reference and background checks, and distributing onboarding materials before they even arrive for day one.

In addition to helping your franchisees hire quality employees quickly and efficiently, a standardized hiring process also leads to a better job applicant experience. Without a set hiring process, your franchisees might end up missing steps along the way, meaning top candidates might get frustrated and accept a job from a competitor with a better job applicant experience. To keep candidates excited about the possibility of working for your franchise, encourage franchise owners and HR staff to review applicants quickly, regularly communicate with candidates and streamline the interview process.

Track the Hiring Progress for Each Location

An integrated hiring and talent management platform can help you see what’s working and what’s not with each location’s hiring efforts without the need to regularly check in or micromanage each location’s hiring efforts.

The right hiring and talent management platform will provide a glance into critical stats you need to determine the health of each location or manager’s hiring efforts – such as hiring velocity (time to hire) and process adherence. For example, Hireology Insights answers key questions like: What is the total hiring velocity for each new hire at a given location? Are candidates getting held up in a certain hiring step? Are certain managers missing steps in the hiring process? And, which sources give me the most quality applicants? By viewing these insights on a regular basis, you can take action to identify areas of improvement across franchise locations and managers, and ensure your brand is hiring its best team in an efficient manner.
Helping your franchisees hire their best teams is critical to your franchise brand’s overall success. For more tips to help your franchisees hire quality employees, download our eBook, “Staffing Up For Success: 4 Things To Do When Hiring At Your New Franchise,” below.




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