3 Indeed Resources to Drive More Applicant Traffic

Effective October 2019, Indeed updated its job feed from Hireology to have “Sponsored Only” visibility. An Indeed sponsored post means an employer pays for the job posting to appear in job seekers’ search results. 
If you want you jobs to appear in Indeed’s organic feed, we will partner with you to get your jobs scraped or pulled directly into the organic feed from your careers page. (In other words, job scraping is the process of copying the job listings on your career site and posting them in the organic feed.) 
This is possible only if you meet Indeed’s Search Quality Standards. While Hireology has no control over Indeed’s Search Quality Standards or policies, our customer success team is committed to helping you stay compliant and further diversify your recruitment channels.
To help you better understand Indeed’s policies – and drive more applicant traffic to your open roles as a result – we’ve highlighted three key Indeed resources below. 

1. How Search Quality Works at Indeed

This resource provides an overview of why Search Quality is important and an overview of the Search Quality process.

Search Quality is essentially the process to ensure job seekers’ search results are free of spam, predatory offers and misleading listings. Indeed has a team dedicated to the Search Quality effort, which uses several techniques to review all jobs submitted to Indeed and determine their suitability. 

2. Job Reposting/Refreshing Guidelines 

Read this resource to learn about Indeed’s job reposting guidelines. Reposting a job is an option if you’re not receiving enough quality applicants for your open roles. However, Indeed will lower visibility for jobs that don’t follow its reposting guidelines or appear to be abusing the reposting option.
Closing your job completely in Hireology and reopening with the same title and job description to get around job refreshing guidelines is also not a recommended best practice or in line with Indeed Search Quality Standards.

3. Job Description Do’s and Don’ts 

On its blog, Indeed has outlined several requirements to ensure job postings meet its standards of accessibility, transparency and honesty. The ultimate goal of these requirements is to ensure job seekers have a great hiring experience and employers see positive hiring outcomes. 
Jobs that don’t meet Indeed’s standards may require additional review or information from the employer. And listings that prove misleading or compromise the job seeker experience may only selectively visible or removed from search results altogether. Read the full blog post to learn more.
If you have any additional questions about increasing organic job board visibility or driving qualified applicants to your open roles, contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or support@hireology.com.



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