Adams Keegan

Adams Keegan is a leading provider of comprehensive and customized HR software — including payroll, benefits, HR management – for hotels, senior care facilities, and more. Our integration automatically transfers candidate data from Hireology to Adams Keegan as soon as a hire is made – allowing customers to onboard new hires faster

Hireology + Adams Keegan

Save time and money

Give time back to your team and start day one faster

Reduce errors

Eliminate the need to enter data manually

Seamless onboarding

Sync your key HR systems to speed up your onboarding process

How it works

This one-way integration transfers new hire data from Hireology to Adams Keegan

Make your new hire in Hireology

Use Hireology’s in-app hiring tools to move your candidates through the process quickly

Sync records to Adams Keegan

Automatically send new data from one system to another

Boost productivity before day one

Get new hires onboarded faster and generating revenue sooner

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