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In recent Hireology data, 25% of hotels say that hotel housekeeping jobs are the hardest to fill — and they’re one of the positions directly linked to revenue since you can’t book rooms without enough housekeepers to turn the rooms over in a timely manner. Download your copy of The Handbook for Hiring Housekeepers to stay up-to-date with best hiring practices based on the current economy and hiring trends.

91% of hotel HR teams say hiring is a challenge

Make a great first impression

Onboarding starts before a new hire’s first day — so be sure that your hiring process is as put together as possible for a great candidate experience! Housekeeping talent is in high demand, and if your hotel seems disorganized or is running an otherwise clunky process, you’re driving talent away. Use this housekeeper hiring handbook to organize every phase of the process so you can hire better talent faster.

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The Handbook for Hiring Housekeepers

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