Templates for Communicating With Technician Candidates

Convenient, customizable email and text templates for hiring better technicians faster
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Recruiting email templates built to reduce no-shows

According to Hireology data, 93% of dealerships experienced sudden drop outs from their hiring process (also known as ghosting) last year. For automotive job seekers, the leading reason why they disappear is because they don’t hear from dealers like you enough during the process. With top technician talent so hard to come by, you can’t afford to lose these candidates to ghosting. Use these customizable templates for email and text messages designed to keep top candidates engaged.

Lack of communication is the #1 reason why automotive job seekers ghost dealerships during the
interview process

Use a text message template to reach candidates on their preferred device

Candidates want to hear from you — and the faster you can do that, the better! With technician talent in high demand, moving quickly is necessary to add qualified candidates to your team. Use these text message templates to reach candidates on their phones and increase the likelihood of them seeing and reading your message.

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