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Scott Gainous

VP of Engineering
Fun fact

Scott Gainous is a dynamic technology executive currently leading as the Vice President of Engineering at Hireology. In this role, Scott is instrumental in defining the engineering and DevOps practices, guiding the technology stack, driving innovative solutions, and overseeing technical operations. He places a strong emphasis on cultivating an engaging and enjoyable workplace, believing that a positive and collaborative environment is key to fostering professional growth and innovation within his teams.

Previously, Scott served as the Director of Cloud Operations at DocuSign, where he was pivotal in transitioning the company’s services to a cloud-based infrastructure. This strategic move significantly enhanced the operational scalability and reliability of the company’s services, establishing a foundation for sustained growth and efficiency.

In his tenure at Epsilon as the Senior Director of Application Development, Scott oversaw the development of strategic automotive marketing platforms and managed multiple international teams. He successfully led projects that enhanced digital communication channels and created rich, immersive digital experiences, demonstrating his adeptness at managing diverse teams and promoting cross-cultural cooperation.

Scott’s leadership style is characterized by a commitment to technological innovation and operational excellence, always with an eye toward creating a workplace where creativity and productivity thrive.