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Hireology's State of Hiring 2023

These days, filling roles with better talent requires a deep understanding of the mindset of today’s skilled labor worker.

In this report — based on a survey of more than 4,400 recent job seekers — we do just that. We outline six common characteristics found among skilled labor workers today and what it means for you as an employer looking to fill open roles, better service customers or patients, and maximize revenue for your organization.

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Future of Hiring 2023

Interested in what your peers are doing when it comes to recruiting and hiring? Want insight into the tools and techniques you can adopt now to get ahead in 2023 and beyond? Then you won’t want to miss Hireology’s 2023 Future of Hiring report — based on a survey of about 1,000 employers across industries focused on hiring skilled hourly labor. The report outlines six major opportunities for you to improve your people processes and see better hiring outcomes in 2023 and beyond.

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Key findings from the State of Hiring 2023

  • When searching for work 61% of job seekers say they accept the first offer they receive

  • 46% of respondents applied to more than 11 jobs in their most recent search

  • 91% of job seekers would take a lower paying offer if the right benefits were offered

  • 63% have chosen not to apply to a job they were interested in because the application required repeating information that was on a resume

  • 58% completed the majority of their most recent job search on a smartphone or a tablet

  • 80% of respondents who reported a positive onboarding experience said they are loyal to their current employer

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