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A Proven Process to Attract and Hire Candidates

Fill Vacant Roles 37% Faster with a Standardized Hiring Process

Streamline and Centralize Your Hiring Efforts

Recruitment CRM software empowers business leaders to build stronger relationships with candidates and hire their best teams. Manage all hiring activity – write job descriptions, post to job boards, interview candidates and run background checks – from one, easy-to-use recruitment CRM platform. Applications, resumes, interview notes and assessments remain centrally located, helping you stay organized and fill roles quickly.


Build Greater Awareness for Open Roles

Drive exposure for open roles and attract top talent across channels. Easily post jobs to your career site, integrate with organic job board feeds, purchase paid postings and share via social media and referral networks – centrally, with one click. With qualified applicants automatically added to your recruitment CRM platform, you’ll reduce manual processes and easily manage your pipeline.

Keep Candidates Engaged with Text Messaging

In today’s applicant-driven economy, you need to keep candidates focused during every step of the hiring process. Integrated text messaging (SMS) enables you to streamline communication with candidates, increasing engagement and decreasing interview no-show rates. Using SMS, you can create and save templates, reconnect with previous candidates and send interview reminders. Hiring managers using SMS have decreased the time to hire by up to 8 days, showing how much quicker today’s applicants communicate on mobile.

Run Compliant and Impactful Interviews

Industry- and role-specific interview guides make everyone feel like a hiring expert. With questions designed to assess unique fit and integrated scoring guides, you’ll identify qualified candidates faster and minimize mistakes based on gut feelings and first impressions.

Verify Experiences and Culture Fit

Assess candidate fit before making the hire with industry leading skills tests, reference checks and background verifications. Order reports, check the status and receive results as a seamless step in your hiring process.

Drive Greater Results with New Insights

Measure and improve your time to hire with a clear understanding of hiring process health and key metrics including applicants reviewed, time-to-review and time-to-hire. Compare performance for unique locations/hiring managers to industry benchmarks and receive prescriptive next steps for improvement.

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