Candidate Screening

Powerful and automated tools to measure candidate fit

Stop Spending Time on Applicants Who Aren’t a Fit

Don't waste time reviewing every applicant. Speed up the hiring process by focusing on qualified candidates.

Measure Fit with Pre-Screen Surveys

The average business waits 10 days to respond to applicants. Our automated prescreen surveys help your team engage applicants quickly and move top talent to the candidate stage.

Consider Top Applicants for Other Roles

Some candidates are a better fit for other open roles. With candidate transfer, seamlessly send all candidate data from one job to another within your Hireology account, including: surveys, completed interviews, background checks, and reference checks.

Run Effective Interviews with Our Guides and Instant Scoring

Role-specific interview guides help your hiring managers run objective and complaint interviews. With questions designed to assess unique fit and integrated scoring guides, you’ll identify qualified candidates faster, minimizing mistakes based on gut feelings and first impressions.

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Get More Tips on Candidate Screening

The Hireology Phone Screen Guide

Are you asking the right questions during initial candidate phone interviews? Read our phone screen guide to make the most of phone interviews and ensure only top candidates move on to the in-person interview stage.